All You Need To Know About Differential Aptitude Test

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

The differential aptitude tests are the latest variety of the career aptitude tests. They are considered as a powerful tool in screening candidates for all jobs because they measure a candidate's aptitude in eight different areas which include:

l Verbal reasoning test
l Numerical ability test
l Abstract reasoning test
l Mechanical reasoning
l Space relations or spatial aptitude test
l Spelling test
l Language usage test
l Spatial aptitude test
l Perceptual speed and accuracy test

The differential aptitude testing offers eight sets of questions based on different aptitudes. It contains multiple choice questions and you would be required to select the correct option within a set time limit of 12 to 25 minutes for each test.

The reason why differential aptitude test forms a part of almost all job aptitude tests is because it tests an individual on all the basis and helps him decide which career he would want to choose for himself. This decision is taken on the basis of marks secured, the level of knowledge, and the section that interests him the most. Different individuals have varying levels of interest and intelligence in different fields. Some might be good at math, but bad in verbal reasoning, whilst others may architect language excellently, but may be very bad in calculations. So, a differential aptitude test will help you know whether you possess the skills required for taking up a career of your choice or not.

The verbal differential ability test measures your ability to find relations amongst words and manipulate abstract ideas. The numerical differential ability test measures your capability to interpret numerical relationships between different figures. These two skills are required for most of the jobs. Other types of differential aptitude test include the abstract reasoning test – which measures measures your reasoning when you solve problems in terms of size, shape, position, quantity or other geometric figures and shape. Mechanical reasoning test measures your reasoning when you solve problems in terms of size, shape, position, quantity or other geometric figures and shape. Spelling test measures your capability to recognise correct spelled common English words. This differential aptitude test is used for English and writing courses. This test is used to screen candidates for jobs in review writing, journalism, and management courses. In order to score well in this test, you must have basic knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and capitalisation of English language. Speed and accuracy test measures your ability to perform your job quickly and accurately.

Then, there are some specific differential aptitude tests that are required only for specific jobs. For instance, Space Relations test measures your capability to analyse three dimensional figures. This sort of an aptitude is a must when you are looking for some job in engineering, architecture or designing.

So, when practising differential aptitude test, you must select the right kind of test so that it enhances your skills and aptitudes and helps you crack an examination of your choice. You may take differential aptitude test online. There are various online companies that offer differential aptitude test for free.


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