All You Need To Know About Alcohol Addiction

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Alcohol addiction is a downward spiral and a detrimental chain reaction. People drink alcohol to overcome depression and ennui. Alcohol raises spirits temporarily but then, the losses it causes in terms of both monetary loss and loss of productivity causes people to become even more depressed, makes them think they are losing control of their loves and plunges them further into depression and left with no other option, they drink to forget their problems. Alcohol addiction thus destroys lives and is a serious problems and that is why there are so many de-addiction and rehab centers, the most well known one among them being Alcoholics Anonymous.
Every weekend, millions of people everywhere all over the world go out for drinks after a rough week. Even in countries where alcohol is forbidden, people drink on the sly. This is normal behavior and there is no problem with this. But alcohol addiction occurs when there is an uncontrollable desire to consume more than safe levels of alcohol. Alcohol is a mood-lifter and inhibits the inhibitory center of the brain and brings about a feeling of well-being and satisfaction. It makes you forget your worries. Unfortunately, some people go over the top with this and drink till they lose sentience and such people have an alcohol addiction problem that need medical attention. With a blurred sense of judgment, they often end up hurting themselves or others around them.
Peer pressure is often what initiates people into alcoholism. If kept in control, there is nothing wrong with it, but some things can trigger excessive consumption. The feeling of getting high actually lessens due to overuse and people find themselves drinking even more and more to get high. Alcohol addiction causes people to crave that feeling to disconnect themselves from reality which they find depressing. There are many factors that decide the tendency of a person to succumb to alcoholism, including � age, sex, race and ethnic background, culture, etc.
Cure includes gradual de-addiction. Sudden withdrawal can lead to withdrawal symptoms, where the body having become dependant on alcohol militates against withdrawal. Alcohol addiction is cured not just by physical withdrawal, but also through mental conditioning, lest the person turn to alcohol again � an event known as a relapse. Individual efforts to quit usually don�t succeed. So it�s best to seek the help of professionals at rehab centers who will take the recovering addict down a path of de-addiction in a controlled scientific manner.

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