Alcoholism Treatment Center Rules And Regulations

Dr. Purushothaman
September 11, 2013

An alcoholism treatment center focuses on treating a patient for alcohol addiction. These centers work well for those who have tried to kick the habit on their own and failed at it. It comes as no surprise then that such rehabs follow some very strict rules and regulations in order to be able to create the best possible environment for the addict’s recovery.

Some common rules and regulations of Alcoholism Treatment centers follow below –

No weapons or alcohol will be allowed within the premises.
Smoking shall be restricted to the designated areas.
Dressing should be modest and outlandishly dressed patients can be asked to change.
All scheduled activities will be attended on time by the patient, unless the doctor has advised not to.
Violence, racial comments, sexual abuse and destruction of the rehab property, could lead to the patient being expelled from the rehab.
Any personal information discussed during the group discussion will be treated as confidential by all those present.
Visitors are permitted only with prior consent of the administration or during visiting hours.
A regard for the comfort of other fellow patients shall be maintained.
Patients must follow the instructions given by the staff of the rehab.
It is the sole discretion of the center to expel any patient without prior notice.

While these rules are pretty common to almost all the Alcoholism treatment centers, others may also be issued depending on the personal policy of the rehab. Some rehabs do not allow cell phones at all while others may not even let you bring in sunglasses or hat. Some rehabs are open to patients getting their headphones and walkmans along while others do not permit these gadgets. Most rehabs have a very strict policy against sexual liaisons within the premises of the rehab.

Of course, the nature of the rules and regulation of an alcoholism treatment center will vary depending on various issues. However the main aim of these rules is to assist the patient in going through the detox process and the consequent therapy. The staff and administration understand that during the treatment process a patient may get irritable and out of control. In such cases the rules are bent, in order to accommodate the patient’s well being. In the end, we need to remember that like all institutions, alcohol treatment center need discipline and rules to run efficiently.
Before you make a decision on getting substance abuse treatment, be sure to check out a Alcoholism Treatment Center and ask them questions so you may make an informed decision on which place is right for you.

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