Alcoholism Induced Diseases - Cause, Symptoms and Cure

Dr. Purushothaman
September 10, 2013

Alcoholism is a common practice these days that manifests the addiction of liquor to an extent that it perturbs the normal functioning of life. This persistent consumption of alcohol is prominent all across the globe and affecting folks with its ill- effects. It straight forwardly targets and ruins the drinker's health, social circles as well as personal relationships. Besides bringing turmoil in the family, it ravages the individual's career and professional prospect.
Several researches have revealed that certain genes augment the likelihood of developing absurd drinking behavior. Genetic materials play a significant role in shaping the risk for addiction. Akin to cardiovascular disorders, heart strokes and diabetes, even alcoholism is a genetically convoluted disease. In order to support individuals with bizarre drinking habits, rich number of alcoholism treatment centers has fueled up in every section of the society.
Diseases associated with alcoholism-
Over indulgence of liquor can lead to detrimental alcoholism- induced diseases. Some of the most prominently known physical or psychological disorders are malaise, intoxication delirium, liver malfunctioning, emotional outburst, persistent dementia and withdrawal delirium. The severity of the disease and associated symptoms depend on the degree of consumption. All of these ailments are not covered under alcoholism treatment centers. Continual dementia is a widespread illness usually treated in these health care centers.
Alcoholic dementia and its symptoms-
Liquor consumption straight away contributes to brain cells deterioration setting off faulty sense of prioritization as well as impaired judgment. Alcoholic dementia is a devastating neurological condition identified as "Wernicke-Korsakoff's Syndrome" by medical professionals. One of the most disruptive consequences of this malicious syndrome is malnutrition owing to which certain portion of brain gets damaged with acute vitamin deficiency. However, such a situation might instigate some other appalling mental illnesses as well. It is said that even the proficient and experienced medical practitioners find it arduous to determine Alzheimer disease or alcohol dementia in its early phase.
Alcoholism treatment centers-
Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD) is a healthcare center that assists persistent drinkers to get rid of their absurd practice and restores a healthy lifestyle. They have marked a turn down in cognitive skills and augment the independence level of the dementia patients. Alcoholism induced diseases usually impact the individual's physique thereby making him frail and vulnerable. The person finds it difficult to remember the recent happenings. These symptoms of Korsakoff's syndrome are quite similar to short term memory loss or amnesia.
These healthcare centers offer specialist care and nursing to the patients by respecting their independence, choices and individuality. With tailored support plan, these professional care homes enable the person to live a healthy life within the community. Comprehensive monitoring and review are made to assess the improvement in physical ability, cognitive functionality as well as quality of life. Self care, personal hygiene, communication ability, safe mobility, language skills and social development are various aspects taken into consideration by these health care providers.

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