Alcoholic! Alcohol rehab centre Louisville will help you!

Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

An alcohol rehab centre in Louisville is the best possible choice one can do when it comes to resolving the drinking habit. As the number, of alcoholics, has increased, those who also want to get rid of this dependency, and want to go to rehab centres becomes dominant. So Step works team has come out with its easy but outstanding rehab centre for drugs and alcohol addicts. Quality treatment programs conducted by the Step works team that are sure to get the addiction out of the individual, carried out by a team of experts and with proper care, are sure to lead the Individuals on a proper and cheerful way of life.

Alcohol rehab centre Louisville has both the plans for Outpatient as well as Inpatient treatment programs.

Outpatient program: The Outpatient office is conveniently located on the Ring road in Elizabeth town, in the alcohol rehab centre Louisville. It is one of the newest Outpatient clinics in our state. This provides increased flexibility to our treatment program. These patients are subjected to group therapy and individual counselling with a personal and highly qualified therapist. This is truly much similar to Inpatient program, but these patients or clients aren’t lodged. This is better suited for individuals who have work or other obligations.

Inpatient program: The setting for this program is provided in the alcohol rehab centre Louisville of Elizabeth Town in South Louisville. With large alumni, this program is practised with the most care and quality therapies.

The patch is entirely home-like, unlike a typical psychiatric hospital. Clients are free to enjoy vibrant indoor, as well as outdoor spaces. Daily chores and a variety of fellowship programs are encouraged. This comes with basic 30 days of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program including:

Medical detox: this treatment therapy is under the guidance of our SAMSHA certified medical director and well-experienced physician and addiction specialist. Patients are taped with proper medicinal dosages designed in a process that minimizes the risks and convolutions associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Group session: Groups or teams are an integral part of our society, and so are the groups at Step works. It is an extremely essential part of our treatment therapy where an individual is subjected to open and challenging conversations. It promotes teamwork, confidence, and leadership qualities. It aims to facilitate a dynamic environment of acceptance, openness, honesty, and authenticity.

Individual sessions: 1-on-1 sessions are indeed a critical and vital aspect of the alcohol rehab centre in Louisville. It helps to dwell deeper and better about an individual, helps them to know personally, with proper background, which contributes in not just treating our patient, but also treating the main reason for his or her addiction.

Treatment team sessions: Here every Wednesday our clients get to meet with several members of our treatment team. This is mainly done to review an individual’s progress and discuss their treatment experience. This is highly valuable, for each client also provides us with proper feedback.

Rest and Leisure: Life has no purpose if you don’t have fun. So clients are provided with games, televisions, music etc in the alcohol rehab centre in Louisville.


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