Alcohol Self Help – Free Yourself From Alcohol With These Simple Self Help Tips

Dr. Purushothaman
September 11, 2013

Don’t feel comfortable joining Alcoholics Anonymous? There’s a way to free yourself from the destructive habit of alcoholism without leaving the comforts of your home and without standing up and giving a testimony in front of a group. All you need is alcoholism self help.

The alcohol habit is hard to break because it becomes a part of your programming. Your entire system becomes so familiar with alcohol that you don’t recognize it as bad anymore or your subconscious simply looks for it. The best way to overcome it is to replace it with other habits. But since alcohol is so tempting because it gives us the feeling of escape and pleasure, you need other equally strong habits to replace it.

Here are some highly effective habits that may help.

1. The self help book habit. Instead of drowning your conscious mind with alcohol, why don’t you fill your mind with positive thoughts about change and freedom from the alcoholic habit by reading self help books on the subject? There are many self help books written to help alcoholics overcome and recover from the destructive addiction. The reading habit can occupy a lot of your time and at the same time send positive messages to your brain to replace thoughts about alcohol.

Most self help books use subliminal messaging to change your perception about yourself and about alcohol. Self help books will encourage you to dispel alcohol from your system by telling you that:

I am better off without alcohol.
I am in control of my habits.
I can overcome all challenges.
I choose how to spend my time.
I have the power to change myself and my actions.

Once you become convinced of this, your subconscious will lead you to act on these positive beliefs. You won’t want to drink alcohol anymore because the habit contradicts your subconscious beliefs already.

2. Make watching self help DVD for alcoholics a habit. You can also strengthen the positive reinforcements by regularly watching a self help DVD for alcoholic people. There are a lot of self help DVDs designed to help you overcome your alcoholic habit. If you make these self help DVDs a daily habit too, you will find yourself needing alcohol less and less every day.

These self help DVD will contain videos or slideshows showing images and clips that engage your conscious mind. These videos and slideshows tend to guide your mind to a relaxed state. Then they flash unseen messages or images that stir up associations and familiarity with your subconscious state, so the subconscious quickly absorbs them.

Using the right messages, these self help DVDs for alcoholics can uproot your attachment to alcohol and replace them with positive thoughts about yourself.

3. Visualize your life without alcohol. Visualization is a powerful way of motivating the mind. Imagine your life if you become free from your alcohol habit. Your mind will become attracted to the idea of success and freedom that it will lead you to act against your alcohol addiction and towards freedom from the destructive habit. So when you find yourself thinking about alcohol, think about the successful life you can have without alcohol instead.

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