Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers and Their Treatment Programs

Dr. Purushothaman
September 10, 2013

Alcohol and drugs abuse or misuse is the leading cause of serious health, relationship, employment and legal problems in the United States of America. As per the data released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA nearly 1/3rd of college students admissions that have co-occurring mental disorders are more likely to abuse prescription drugs, cocaine, heroin. Therefore, these people need treatment or access to special type of services such alcohol and drug rehab centers, metal health care treatment centers, pharmacotherapy treatments that is capable of treating and easing withdrawal symptoms.
The SAMHSA data further revealed that half of substance abuse treatment admissions among veterans aged 21 to 39 involved alcohols as the primary substance of abuse and the need for rehab and treatment programs is quite necessary among these veterans. The role of alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers in treating these addicts or patients from their drugs and alcohol abuse is yielding benefits and therefore more and more people addicted to alcohol and drug abuse are turning towards these centers. There are various addiction treatment methods being provided by these centers and some of these include:
---Christian based rehab programs: The Christian based rehab program combines traditional therapeutic interventions enhanced with a Christ center approach. This program involves Primary therapy groups of five days a week facilitated by a Christian Counselor, frequent Bible study sessions throughout the week, implementing the Christian 12 steps to recovery, Local Church visits to build healthy relationship with Christian community etc.
---Alcohol Rehabilitation: Providing alcohol rehab programs with a client centered approach to ensure proper treatment of each individual and their families suffering from alcohol addiction.
---Drug rehabilitation treatment programs: The drug rehab programs are divided into comprehensive and individual drug rehab programs that include care plans based on individual needs of the client, group and individual treatment counseling sessions, psycho education group sessions, and focus on drug addiction education programs to help clients meet their own specific challenges and personal goals.
---Inpatient Residential Programs: The inpatient residential program is designed for those addicts who are in a devastating grip or grasp of alcohol and drug addiction. The best way to tackle this overwhelming disease or addiction is to remain in an environment supported by experienced and caring professionals and others working towards the goal of lasting addiction recovery. The inpatient residential program provides the right type of environment for this type of addiction.
---Other programs: The other programs involved in alcohol and drug treatment centers include detox placement program, dual diagnosis treatment involving psychiatric treatment for underlying psychiatric symptoms. Thus, these are some of the important programs provided by alcohol and drug treatment centers in the United States of America.

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