Alcohol Addiction

Dr. Purushothaman
September 1, 2013

Alcohol addiction is a devastating disease that affects millions of individuals worldwide. When one experiences an addiction to alcohol, they become dependent on it as the factor that starts to control all aspects of their life.

Alcohol dependence is both mental and physical. These individuals lose every ounce of control they have when it comes to consuming alcohol. They feel as if they must drink. Normally, these individuals do not stop drinking until they have actually passed out from consuming too much.

Eventually, it gets to the point in which the person must consume larger amounts to get the same feelings of euphoria that the consumption provided in the past. If an individual attempts to quit consuming the substance, they will actually experience a withdrawal which includes anxiety, nausea, and similar symptoms. The withdrawal that many people experience is similar to those addicted to drugs who cease engaging in drug activity.

Most people find that alcohol addiction leads to many negative complications in their life. This may include problems at work, relationship troubles, issues with health, and even problems that are legal in nature. When an individual has an addiction to alcohol, they will normally continue to drink even when these negative consequences and issues keep occurring.

When a person experiences the demoralizing disease of alcohol addiction, it lasts the entire lifetime. The disease is never cured, but by not drinking you can certainly not create any new problems. There are many common risks that are associated with developing this disease. Many individuals simply make the wrong choices and ended up becoming addicted to this substance. Many individuals have a genetic predisposition to developing an addiction of this nature. While there is no known cure for this disease, there are many preventive measures that an individual with an alcohol addiction can practice to avoid consuming this substance.

If you are a person who believes that you may be addicted to alcohol, there are many common indicators that may mean that you have a problem. They are:

• Drinking early in the morning

• Hiding your drinking

• Having feelings of guilt when drinking

• Others have mentioned that you may have a problem

• You feel as if you need to drink

• If you do not drink, you experience anxiety

• You want to quit, but cannot seem to control the urge to drink

• If you do not drink, you actually feel sick

If you find that any of the above situations sound familiar, you may have an issue with alcohol addiction. Help is available through counselors, doctors, treatment centers and hospitals. You should enlist the help of a friend or someone in your family to help as far as emotional support while receiving help for your problem.

The key to recovery from alcohol addiction is abstinence, stopping drinking completely. Many individuals try to quit drinking a little at a time, but since an addiction to alcohol makes a person lose control, this may not work. This is true even in individuals who have the best of intentions.

Alcohol addiction is a widespread disease. In the United States alone, nearly forty five percent of people drink large amounts of alcohol. In addition to this figure, there are many preteens and teenagers that meet the criteria for alcohol addiction.

This is a devastating fact. Not only can alcohol addiction pose a severe financial strain on the individual that suffers from it, it also increases the possibility of experiencing a life threatening condition. Furthermore, it can take a toll on those that you love and care about. If you suffer from alcohol addiction, take a stand and get the assistance that you need.

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