Alcohol Addiction Recovery – Self-Help Steps

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

Overcoming addiction seems tough but tougher is not to relapse and stay sober all through. It’s a long bumpy road where you will, again and again, feel like resorting to the substance. But let me tell you, it’s not impossible to say no to the alcohol and stay sober, no matter how bad your addiction was or how helpless you feel. To ensure a permanent alcohol addiction recovery, you will have to help yourself time and again by staying put and remain committed towards yourself and your family.

I know you’re already on your way to recovery but come across numerous triggers that are all set to take you back on the same old path of addiction with more debilitating symptoms. This is why I’ve compiled a few self-help practices that will keep you going on the road to recovery. Read on further to get started and do what you think you cannot.

Remain Committed to Not to Drink on New Year’s Eve

I know, by this time you have been bombarded with tens of invitations to New Year parties. And most of these parties are organized only for drinking and dancing till wee hours. If you decide to join any of the parties, you may either drink under peer pressure or not resist the temptation of your favorite alcoholic beverages. If you stay home, you might feel lonely and end up drinking.

The solution is to organize a party at your home with your family and close friends where you can relax, enjoy music, chit chat and eat your favorite dishes. This way you will spend quality time with your loved ones without getting to drink. Remain committed that you won’t drink. This is the first yet most important step in your alcohol addiction recovery.

Combat Triggers

It’s not just the holidays that come up with numerous triggers, but it can be anything, such as craving to consume your favorite alcoholic beverage just when you see it a grocery shop, failure in meeting deadlines at work place, tension in intimate relationships or financial crisis, that may again lead you to the path of addiction.

Remember, help is available all the time. The treatment center where you had enrolled yourself in an alcohol rehab program will offer complete support to help you stay sober. Talk to any of their addiction specialists and share the issues or problems you’re facing. Generally, help is available 24x7. So, you can call them up anytime whenever you feel like drinking and talk to them to resolve the issue and learn the strategies to consciously avoid alcohol.

Relapse Prevention Treatment

Along with alcohol rehab programs, the treatment centers also offer relapse prevention treatment where they teach you how to prevent potential triggers and say no to alcohol. They also keep on organizing sessions for those who have already undergone an inpatient treatment program and are now trying to live a healthy and sober life. Make sure to attend each and every session to stay put on your decision of not to drink.

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