Alcohol Addiction: How to kick the Can!

Dr. Purushothaman
September 10, 2013

Alcohol is everywhere it is in our stores, in our restaurants, and even in our entertainment but where do we drawn the line? Near %7 of the American population suffers from Alcohol abuse and just as many or more are exposed to it every day.
Alcohol abuse in it's purest form is someone who is dependent on alcohol note the term alcoholic. Now some believe to be an alcoholic you must drink from dusk to dawn but that is not always the case. An alcoholic can be defined in many ways:
1) Nightly - Now many people may go home and have a few beers once in a while, but an alcoholic will go home and drink two 6-packs, a 12 pack, or even a 24 pack every night.
2) Weekend Warriors - Many may be surprised to know that not all alcoholics drink everyday some are referred to as weekend warriors. These alcoholics go out every weekend to the party house and comsume a weeks worth of alcohol in one or two nights.
How do you know you have a problem? Many alcoholics don't even realize or don't want to believe they have a problem. Here are a few signs that you have a problem:
1) Lost in the alcohol - When you drink the alcohol is in control. You continue to drink long after you should have stopped.
2) Lost of memory - Many times after you have been drinking you get the phone call from someone who tells you about something weird that you did when you were drunk that you don't remember doing.
3) Waking up in a strange place - Sometimes when you drink you don't make it home a wake up wherever you landed (sometimes in the gutter and sometimes in a jail cell).
4) Loss of self esteem - Doing things you would not normally do just to impress your drinking "buddies".
5) Depression - Finding yourself drinking to get away from your reality.
If you think or if suspect you have a problem with alcohol, their is hope for you, but you yourself have to bee willing to ask for help. You must rid yourself of the demon. This is the hard step to leap onto but with help from a treatment program many alcoholics can and do make it.
Remember the love and support of those who love you will get you through. Here is a small list of the helping hands you can reach out to:
1) Your spouse - For better or worse they vowed to stick by you and it don't get much worse then this this with their help you will not fail.
2) Friends - A true friend never turns their back on a buddy in trouble. The trick to spotting them in the crowd. they are the one who make sure you get home to your wife safe.

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