Advices For Parents Of Kids With A Hitting Behavior

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

The Causes

It is essential that parents who're hit by their child realize their toddler uses hitting to express something. Please remember that a toddler having a hitting behavior doesn't wish to injure anyone.

This problem is a result of the fact that the kid does not know how he can communicate his feelings.

But regardless if this behavior problem is minor and is usually addressed simply, it is quite essential for parents to fully grasp that if this behavior is not ended, it may come to be hard to cope with.

Youngsters have a tough time dealing with their very own emotions, in particular any time they're annoyed. You have to respond in an ideal way and the methods below should enable you do that and solve your kid's hitting behavior problem.

The Tips

The solutions to this behavior problem are simple to apply and successful. But first let me explain to you what to avoid:

- Never spank your youngster. This is definitely the worst to do. It says to your toddler "It's okay to hit". This is clearly the complete opposite of what you are attempting to teach! Spanking simultaneously shows that you cannot handle your own personal feelings either. Preschoolers learn a good deal from watching their parent's behaviour.

- Don't yell at your youngster. Yelling is not efficient mainly because what your little one needs is help communicating his feelings with words.

Here are a few uncomplicated solutions to stop your youngster' hitting behaviour problem:

- When your little one hits you, show him it is painful! Don't be afraid to exagerrate, show you are sad. Your toddler needs to learn the consequence his behavior has on others.

- Discuss the reason why it is not ok to hit others. Explain to your little one that it is bad to hit mainly because it doesn't say "I love you". Make clear that it is truly crucial not to hurt others.

- Show empathy. Tell your little one you do understand that it is tough to manage his emotions and that you also feel angry or ticked-off at times but that you simply express these emotions verbally and that he needs to learn to do the same thing.

- Don't be reluctant to punish your youngster if he keeps on having a hitting behavior. Make clear that being punished is the effect of his bad behavior. But clarify that you love him and that it is his conduct which is undesirable, not him.

By implementing these straightforward methods persistently, mothers and fathers will have the skills to resolve their toddler hitting behavior real fast.

What happens if your young child's hitting problem issue is really challenging to take care of?

In case a child bad behavior has turned out to be a habit, it may be challenging for the parents to handle it including the fact that the child could possibly have other wrong behaviors like recurring tantrums, stubborness, etc

For moms and dads in this case, it is critical to apply soon a complete and reliable parenting method. Some on-line parenting programs are available that aid parents and guide them step-by-step when they implement helpful parenting strategies, get back in control and find out how to discipline their little one the correct way.

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