Adolescent Life Cycle Issues

Dr. Purushothaman
September 5, 2013

Adolescence can be a difficult time for even the most mature and responsible kids. It's a developmental level where physical, mental, emotional, and social changes are happening simultaneously. Puberty is the beginning of typical adolescent struggles with self-esteem, body image, peer pressures, decision-making, emotional extremes, dating, sexuality issues, career explorations, and ultimately growing up and moving on from the family system into adulthood. It is challenging for the young person and for the family system. Adolescence can be like a tug of war for the teen with parents, with friends, and with outside authority figures. Sometimes, having an impartial and objective person to process the stages with is helpful not only for the adolescent, but for parents and other caregivers as well. At Veritas Counseling Center, the therapist has worked with adolescents and families since 1980 and is highly skilled at creating a therapeutic relationship with both adolescents and adults that allows for safe disclosure and problem resolution. The therapist offers both individual and family therapy to help teens and their families survive the highs and lows of typical adolescent life cycle issues with less conflict and strengthened family relationships. Counseling specific to life skills development is available and adjunct Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is also offered when appropriate.

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