Addressing Behavior Challenges In School

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

There are many ways that teachers and administrators will experience behavior challenges in school. There are the issues associated with students acting out and then there are the behavior challenges in school associated with certain disabilities. For example, students with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) can often manifest a wide array of difficulties with socialization, learning, and repetitive behaviors.

Quite often, the teaching staff and classroom assistants don't have the appropriate levels of training necessary to properly address the underlying issues behind these types of behavior challenges in school, and a student's condition can worsen or remain static. Though most schools do have special education programs and all of the associated staff, there may still be a lack of adequate professional support to address the issues properly.

Fortunately, there are some great programs for Autism training for schools of all kinds, and even some options for at-home approaches too. This training uses the science known as ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, to determine the appropriate methods for improving human behavior and effectively reducing or eliminating ADS related behavior challenges in school.

This training is given to teachers, administrators, and school staff in order to show them the appropriate ways to address behavioral issues related directly to Autism disorders. Because this is something that is quite extensive and involves a huge amount of information it cannot be provided through something as simple as a workshop or even a few evening classes. Instead, the best programs will use a host of technologies and an assortment of different sessions to ensure that staff understand the challenges that they face and the proper principles and strategies to employ.

Because behaviors also develop long before students enter the school systems, however, the truly best programs also make training available for parents as well. This is because it has been determined that the earlier that some sort of intervention occurs with a child with ASD, the less likely their chances for behavioral issues become.

This is why an at home program has become important for parents to use as soon as a child is diagnosed with Autism of some kind. The programs are quite beneficial because they are far more affordable than the tutoring and paid programming that so many must resort to at a later period in time. These too will use the ABA techniques, but focus on different issues and allow parents to integrate learned behaviors into everything from self-care to social skills.

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