Addiction: Several Significant Indicators

Dr. Purushothaman
September 1, 2013

Social networking websites have great scope for people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. They include everything from fast changing technology and assumptions to personal experiences of users for supporting people in need of addiction help.

The idea of recovery from addiction through social networking sites has gained popularity amongst the addicted community. Through social networking, drug or alcohol addicts are now able to share their personal experiences with each other. The addicts can log into these sites from anywhere and at anytime to get connected to their own community for recovery tips and advice. With a strong and expanding network of addicted people, these social media sites assure to spread awareness about different drug rehab programs and centers. All those who have recently given up their drugs habit are opting for recovery from addiction in social media to keep away from sudden depression or behavioral problems especially when their counseling sessions are days away.

Options were few for addicted people on the road to recovery in earlier times. In urgent need of addiction help but failing to find it, these people usually had to depend on strong willpower to stop them from getting back to their addictions. The scenario has changed completely with the arrival of social sites including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. As the use of these social sites is growing, an increased number of people in addiction recovery are finding it easy to use the network and quickly connect with hundreds of their community members across the world at anytime. This concept of recovery from addiction in social networking is often strengthening and expanding addiction recovery systems.

But social networking sites have limitations both for addicted people in way of recovery and the social users who want to serve them. Of course, recovery from addiction in social media allows addicts to widen their reach and social connection with others. But it surely lacks in face-to-face interaction that can give convincing results. There is also the risk of people getting misguided at the crucial point of their drug recovery.

Great Options and Support for Addiction Recovery

Social networks dedicated to people in addiction recovery are widely available these days. Some of the popular sites include,, and These social sites normally feature blogs, discussion boards, galleries, links to latest news and articles, and useful resources on addiction recovery programs. Some of them also display listings of drug rehab centers and recovery treatment providers.

Recovery from addiction in Social networking has also spread to the world of mobile users. People can now access a social networking recovery service named Cellufun with their cell phones or mobile devices. It has a number of groups formed by people in drug or alcohol recovery. Similarly, ann-e is an addiction recovery application for the iPhone users that can help them in getting connected with other addicts over internet and find a directory with lists of 12-step meetings throughout the nation.

One of the biggest advantages of recovery from addiction in social media service is that it allows people to find addiction help at any time, even while a counselor, sponsor or a meeting is not available.

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