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Dr. Purushothaman
September 10, 2013

Each year, thousands of people fall victims to the drug or alcohol addiction problem. The war on drugs has made significant impact on our growing generation. So many young kids and adolescents are often seduced by peer pressure to try and use drugs in order to be accepted.
It is almost impossible to keep up with the new types of drugs that are used and created every day. Many new drugs are created by combining different substances, and are given different names to prevent tracing and getting caught.The authorities or parents are not able to recognize these always changing names, while checking up on the kids, or hearing their conversations.Drug dealers and drug users had become very creative to hide and cover up these illicit drugs. For example, the bath salts have been found recently to be the source of substance abuse, addiction, and even death.
Our government, educational institutions, and other non-profit organizations have been working hard on prevention and education programs for the young adults, to identify and understand the risks and consequences of drug abuse and drug addiction. Unfortunately, there are many young people as well as full grown adults, who are often enticed by drugs and alcohol, that leads them to physical dependence or addiction.
A 24-hour addiction hotline is designed for those individuals who may be in the dire situation and need help immediately. Often time, these individuals are alone, either by choice or by their life's situation. A person with severe drug addiction, or in the first sages of their physical dependence may feel helpless and desperate.
Calling the 24-hour helpline, and having a confidential conversation with someone who is an expert, and understands what the person goes through, may be a life saving phone call.
For so many people today, it is not always easy to see if they have an alcohol addiction problem. Many people often drink socially in moderation, and some had crossed the line to a real alcohol addiction. If you find yourself drinking alone, drinking at night, drinking during the day, drinking to cope with problems and the stresses of life-you may be having a serious alcohol addiction problem. You may not even realize you have the problem, so you need to watch out for the signs and warnings of alcohol addiction.
Often times, the alcoholism may be related to the person's genetics, family history, social environment, and even your psychological health. It is also common to have a drinking problem for those people who have mental health problems, as they often self-medicate their psychological issues.
There are some basic signs of alcoholism problems:
1. Inability to stop drinking on your own, despite serious health consequences.
2. Hiding your alcohol, and drinking at night when everyone is asleep.
3. Neglecting your immediate responsibilities: family, kids, house, job, household chores.
4. Getting defensive if anyone questions your drinking.
5. Spending your day thinking about your alcohol supply, and figuring out where to get it.
6. Having black outs from drinking alcohol.
If you or your loved one is experiencing the above listed signs of alcoholism, please call Alcohol Addiction Hotline today! We will be able to provide an initial professional counseling to you and your loved one, in order to begin your alcohol rehab treatment.
Do not let another day go by with out getting help! Alcohol addiction is a serious mental health disease, and needs to be treated and supervised by our Substance Abuse Professionals!
Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.
However, if you are beyond the point of handling your alcohol abuse problem, and are needing help from a certified Substance Abuse Professional, you can call our Alcohol Anonymous Hotline for help. Your phone call and the conversation with one of our professional counselors will be confidential or if you prefer-anonymous. So many people today are often embarrassed by their alcohol addiction or alcohol abuse problem. It is hard to admit to yourself that you have a real problem. Many people who are normally in control of their lives, often realize that they are losing control when it comes to alcohol consumption. If this is your current situation, you may be at risk for potential alcohol addiction. It can become much harder to deal with addiction, if you wait to see if you can stop it on your own. No matter how much will power you may have, the alcohol can win.
Alcoholism, or an alcohol addiction is a mental health disease, that "enslaves" you in to a physical dependence on alcohol, and forces the inability to stop.
If you have any questions about your alcohol dependence or you suspect that you may have an addiction problem, call our Alcohol Anonymous Hotline today!
Alcohol consumption, can effect person's organs, and cause a permanent damage to an unborn fetus. While under the influence of alcohol, the person's brain function and motor skills can be impaired. Continues use of alcohol can lead to serious disease such as:liver damage, certain cancers, stroke and untimely death. Alcohol dependence and alcohol addiction is a diagnosable disease, that is defined by powerful cravings for alcohol consumption, and inability to stop using alcohol despite damaging medical consequences and personal injury.
Alcohol abuse, can result in alcoholism, that causes a person to drink in such way, that it results in damaging their health, disruption of a normal life style, breaking their relationships, and a loss of work.
The treatment for alcohol addiction is commonly consists of a combination of medical treatment and the cognitive behavioral therapy. Patients often prescribed addiction medications and sedatives, while going through an initial detoxification process, that is supervised by Substance Abuse Specialists.
The main focus of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is learning the skills that help patients to anticipate likely problems, and adapt effective coping techniques.
Most commonly used methods involve: the exploration of positive and negative consequences that may trigger a drug use, skills to identify and recognize cravings early, as well as certain situations that may lead to alcohol consumption. The CBT is followed by substance abuse counseling and therapy. The aftercare includes a prevention program and counseling.
The person who is successfully completed a comprehensive treatment at the Alcohol Rehab Center, is able to lead a productive and alcohol free life.
If you are facing a potential alcohol addiction problem, call our Alcohol Hotline today for your confidential counseling with one of our certified specialists. We will be able to identify the problem, answer your questions, enroll you in our treatment facility, that best matches your needs, and give you the hope you need to understand that there is help available for your addiction problem.

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