Activities That Enhance Your Brain Power

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

Just search on the net, "How to enhance brain power?" and you will be showered with a number of techniques, tips, books as well as games that explain how to improve your brain power. Some of them also include balanced nutrition, physical exercise and also some complex mental exercises.

The question is how many of us actually do something to improve our brain functioning. Who starts to go for jogging every morning, change their diet, or actually incorporate more of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids? Most of us do not, even the ones who are at a risk of getting a health problem like stroke.

People say that brain training is always a good idea, and feel that brain training games, such as Nintendo helps. But the fact is that these so called "brain training games" are little more useful than common computer games. They may very well involve puzzles and probably will sharpen your focusing ability or your short term memory. These games actually change your brain's shape and force you to use it in a totally different way. However these session are not what can be considered as 'brain training' sessions.

There are some best tried and tested ways to get your brain functioning at a heightened level, which include:

Learn a new language:

Learning a new language can be an incredible means to develop your brain and assist you to think in innovative ways. It will grow some areas of your brain along with your thinking patterns. Much of your thoughts is spoken in your mind in some language and by learning new languages you can actually free your brain and think out of the box.

Learn routes:

Can you believe that taxi drivers have more powerful brains than the ones in any other profession? The reason is taxi drivers make sorts of neural connections in their brain by inter relating all directions and routes in and around the city they work in. Hence learning different routes can help you actually accelerate your brain power.

Playing chess:

Chess is a very effective mind control program that trains your brain and forces you to second guess your opponent as well as think ahead and plan in advance for different unforeseen events. The game also needs concentration, excellent memory and focus to remember all the squares you own and also the ones where you can't go.

Switch your mouse-pad side:

This is a very simple trick that improves brain power. Switching your mouse-pad’s side will force you to make use of your non-dominant hand, which stimulates the neural connection between the left and right brain. Research has stated that people using both hands uniformly have 10% more nerve fibers that join the brain's sides. Using the mouse with the opposite hand can be easily integrated into your life. For the first few days, you will feel weird and might even switch back while using intense clicking. Mind conditioning will help you adapt this phase and you will learn to navigate the computer efficiently with both hands.

These are few mind control programs that can help increase your brain productivity. Do practice them and see the results for yourself!


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