Activities For Anger Management

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Tough is the word I would use to describe how it is to deal with the circumstances of getting angry with no control. Too many people don’t know how to handle tight situations other than getting uncontrollably angry. Of course we will leave young children out of that category. There are ways to cope with situations of the sort but not enough people know that the education is out there.

Participation is the key for individuals to be able to control their anger. There are a number of activities that can be practised when you are feeling like you are about to lose control. A very important and popular one is to exercise. Exercise will usually improve an individual’s mood rather quickly. These exercises can be something as simple as going for a walk or a very aggressive work out at the gym. Going for a walk in the country is usually the best. It will create a feeling of serenity which will keep you calm for a long time afterwards.

It helps for people to know that they are not alone. Once they see this then they have an easier time opening up about their feelings. There are many anger management camps or support groups around your area. This way a person also gets to hear about the success stories which in turn will make them feel like maybe they can shake this nasty and dangerous disease.

Kids are however a little different. While it is important to deal with the anger management issues, it usually takes a little different strategy. Kids don’t tend to respond to well in groups sessions like support groups. They either tend to shy away or get bored very fast. So what you need to do with kids is have them participate in sports that will help them overcome some of their issues. Other carefully planned activities work well for kids. It might be something like writing a story or coloring a picture. Either way with the exception of extreme case this has been found to work better than dragging your kids off to the mental doctor. Remember that they are only kids so you need to approach them as such.

Everyone is different so it, if possible should be left up to the individual to choose his activities. If you try and force someone into something they are unfamiliar with or something they don’t like then you will only end up going backwards in the helping of the anger management.


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