Achieving Personal Success

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

People talk about success in a lot of spheres - business, jobs, education, and sports. How many talk about success in a more personal sense? We all know what to do when we are in a job, what profit we wish to attain in a business, and what percentage we need in our exams.

But do are we really aware of our attitude towards life and towards ourselves? All the achievements we talk of would be hollow if we felt dissatisfied with ourselves. How do we become better people? How do we achieve personal success?

Take Responsibility For Your Own Actions

More often than not, we try to shirk the responsibility of our own actions. It is always, "He's responsible for this mess!" or "I would've done it better if it wasn't for him". However, pointing the finger at someone is never the answer to your problems. Personal success comes to you when you realize that most of the things that happen to you are because you let them. You are not a victim of circumstances. You have the power to do better.

Develop a Sense of Humor

Life is too short to waste in being grumpy or being tense. Why brood when you can grin and bear it? Learn to look at the lighter side of life. A good laugh is sure to make you feel better, and make you more endearing to people around you. Besides, work progresses faster when you are having fun and enjoying yourself.

Another thing that is essential about a good sense of humor is knowing how to take a joke on yourself, without frowning and acting sullen. If you can crack jokes on others, you should also be able to take some on yourself.

Retain your Sense of Excitement and Adventure

Remember the time when you thought that 'impossible' was a word that just was not a part of your dictionary. Remember how life seemed full of possibilities for you? New prospects and ventures excited and thrilled you, and you were willing to take risks to see something through. If you want to attain personal success, never lose your enthusiasm and the spirit of adventure, no matter what happens.

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