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Dr. Purushothaman
August 23, 2013

January is a time of year which is associated with new beginnings; it's a time to start over, set goals and plan for the year ahead. New Year's resolutions are set by many, yet adhered to by few. Are you one of the exceptions to this rule? Or have you already waved good-bye to your fresh start, and continued to live your life in the same vein as last year and the year before?

We are creatures of habit and so do not always find it easy to change. Sometimes we are secretive about our goals and dreams and reticent when it comes to talking about them. If this is the case for you, then perhaps you never even gave yourself a chance of succeeding? What I mean is that what frequently underlies a desire to keep something hidden is a fear of failure. If you allow a fear of failure to gain precedence over your desire to succeed the battle is over before it has even had a chance to begin.

To make your goals "stick" you have to keep focusing upon them, and allow yourself to dream about success again and again and again. You have to have clear focus accompanied by consistent dreaming to motivate you to act in ways appropriate to goal fulfillment. If you spend your time busily trying to hide your goals from everyone else you run the risk of hiding them from yourself as well.

To share your vision with someone else will be a very empowering experience so long as they are positive and encouraging. That is a very important proviso. It is not helpful to share your dreams with another person if they are likely to try to pull your dreams apart. This is why so many people seek "outside help" in the form of therapists or mentors, who are trained to encourage, support and help keep you focused in the right direction.

I have a habit of recording a hypnosis mp3 for myself at the beginning of the year which contains all of my major goals and desires. I apply hypnosis, NLP and visualization so as to give myself the very best chance of success. And then I listen to that recording daily for the first few weeks, and subsequenty as and when I feel the need during the following months. In this way I have my own "outside mentor" to guide me when I feel that I'm in danger of drifting off course. It has proved to be invaluable.

I passed my iPod to a friend the other day who was having trouble sleeping. She listened to a sleep well hypnosis recording and woke up refreshed the next day. On the following day, she went to bed, iPod in hand. This time she couldn't find the sleep well track, but came across my own personal 2010 goal setting track instead...she slept well once more, which is not surprising as hypnosis is the state between wake and sleep.

I was amused by my own emotions when she told me what had happened. At first I was faintly embarrassed, but then I began to laugh. My goals were now out in the open, clear as daylight, and that felt really good. This accident of fate allowed me to reinforce my goals and add even more weight and belief to them.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads to add "sticking power" to all your goals.

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Do You Stand Out From The Crowd? Do you set goals and stick to them or do they tend to be swiftly forgotten? What can you do to give your goals more "sticking" power?

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