Train Your Mind And Achieve Your Dreams

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


You can train your mind and achieve your dreams. The mind is a complicated thing, however when you become involved with personal development you begin to learn and understand how the human mind works.
Yes you can train your mind and achieve your dreams. It is something that does require continuous and persistent action.
The mind is conditioned to how we train it. For example; have you ever noticed when you awaken at 7:00 am everyday, then on the weekends you want to sleep in, you do not set your alarm because you have full intention of sleeping in. However you find yourself awakening at 7:00 am just like you do everyday. The reason for this is because you have conditioned your mind to automatically awaken you at this time, now it no longer requires an alarm.
You can also train your mind for other things than just being a mental alarm. A great book on the subject is by Anthony Robbins entitled "Awaken The Giant Within." He will go into detail on how one can condition the mind to do something on a routine basis, eventually it becomes second nature. Then you do not even realize that you are doing that thing.
The final step is to begin to figure out what you wish to train your mind for. This of course involves knowing what you desire. You have to set a goal for yourself. The next step is to begin using affirmations to help you begin training your mind.
The reason for affirmations is because if you continually tell your mind something whether it is true or not, the human mind eventually begins to believe it. As your mind begins to believe what you are telling it, then eventually it will begin to go to work for you and help you make your dreams become a reality.
So should you begin to learn how to train your mind so you can achieve your dreams? Well that is a question only you can answer. Are you ready to make some changes in your life? Are you willing to put in the work and the effort it takes to train your mind?
Many people who have watched the movie "The Secret" which has become one of the biggest movies about the law of attraction. They watch this movie and begin to understand the whole concept about it. As they begin to put the it into process they continue in the right path for about a week or two, then become tired and upset because they do not notice any results so they eventually lose the belief that you can train your mind to achieve your dreams.
It is a simple process however it is not easy. We are not trained to continually watch the thoughts that run through our mind. Most people are lazy when it comes to mental work. We have become a busy society always busy doing things running here and running there. However we have not learned how to slow down and use the potential our mind has to offer us.
If you truly wish to learn how to train your mind to achieve your dreams, I suggest you get your hands on a personal development program. A great personal development program will teach you exercises and affirmations to use, so you can begin training your mind for success.
Once you learn how to properly train your mind, it will be priceless how much you can change your life and begin creating what you desire. So are you ready to change your life? You can get more information about the personal development programs that have changed my life.

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