Dr. Purushothaman
August 23, 2013

Just about everyone has heard, and most people agree to some extent, that goal setting is a great way to get yourself where you want to go in life. If you feel you can’t seem to reach the life you know you were born to lead, then effective goals can be a great motivating force.

As you begin to set and achieve goals your self confidence will grow astronomically. But where do you start and what will make your goals worthwhile? This article will help you to start setting effective goals which will lead you where you want to go in life.

An excellent place to start when you’re considering the goals you want to pursue is taking some time to consider whether or not the goal that comes to mind is really your own goal.

It is easy to give credence to goals you feel you should make, even though these may not be the real things which motivate you. Well meaning parents, friends, family and employers might have ideas or even suggestions about goals you could pursue.

Only you will know what is truly important to you, and only that which is truly important to you will give you the motivation you will need if the going gets tough.

If you want your goals to be truly worthwhile, then focus on performance goals and not outcome oriented goals.

Performance goals ensure that the success or failure of your goal comes entirely from within you.

Outcome goals depend on factors outside of yourself over which you have no control. If you say you are going to do a particular thing, you can either do it or not. But if you focus on an outcome like “I will make a million dollars” then you have to depend on others to make your goal happen, in this case you have to depend on others giving you money for some reason.

Outcome goals are cheap because you can walk away saying it wasn’t your fault, but performance goals leave the responsibility with you. In the end you’ll cherish the completed goals you were fully responsible for much more than any other kind.

Goals can help you focus on your acquisition of knowledge. They can help you organize your time and resources to get what you want out of life. Take responsibility for your life by setting goals and watch how you begin to feel empowered. You can truly be the designer of your own life.

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