Accepting And Embracing Change Requires A Changed Attitude

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

As human beings we are all creatures of habit. Unless you work the night shift, you regularly get up about the same time every day, go to work the same way you usually do (either walk, bike, drive, car pool or take mass transit -metro). You probably arrive home approximately the same time in the evening, eat you evening meal the same time, then go to bed at a certain time only to repeat the same old routine the next day.

However, when your "routine is disrupted for any reason, it throws you and the rest of society off your routine. Why is this-because people are creatures of habit. People do not like change. How many of you can relate on the job, when a new manager or supervisor moves in and starts changing things before your very eyes. You resent it because now you have to perform your tasks differently. What use to be normal operating procedures is now no longer valid.

Pray: Don't laugh but my faith is part of who I am as a child of God, am I perfect-no way-but I believe firmly in the power of prayer and peace that only the Lord Himself can provide when you are going through a challenging time. Whenever I am in a situation of flux, or indecision and facing a situation of change that I didn't ask for, do not like nor appreciate, I pray to ask God to help me in changing my heart and attitude so I can better focus on what I have to do. Prayer does that. Try it sometime-you may be surprised of the outcome.

Attitude: Your attitude is the single most important aspect of successful people. When you break it down to simple terms, it's your attitude that resonates to people around you, it tells so much about you, maybe more than you would really like to be revealed. When you didn't get the raise, or the new house, or the girl friend, boy-friend, or spouse, that you just knew was yours for the taking, stop, think, and reflect maybe it was your attitude. Just maybe it was you after all, not everyone else you blamed for things not turning out as you expected. When things do not go your way as planned, and they happen to everyone of us, you really only have two options before you: You can be bitter, or you can be better. Which one of these are people seeing in you?

Accept: Accepting things and change is not easy, but to grow through and to develop to the full potential that God wants you to become, requires adversity, and challenges at time. This is called the maturation process or growth. After all, how can you ever grow as a person, if you are not challenged at times. Acceptance does not mean you have failed, acceptance means at the moment, your current state of affairs, its not an indictment for future punishment. Accept things as they are and move on to grow from this experience.

Reflect: Reflect on the change process you have gone through and think about what you could have done differently in warranting a different outcome . Just realize that sometimes things are out of your control, that may be your reality, but you can still learn from it. As long as you are living and breathing , and contributing to society, there is a lesson to be learned in everything, whether you choose to apply its wisdom is up to you.

It's Your Attitude not your Altitude that determines your Altitude in Life.

Remember: "The only Unfulfilled Goals in Your Life are the Ones you Never Attempt"


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