Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Any kind of action which can cause harm or injury to another person can be termed as Abuse. It is usually found that abusing another person usually happens when the concerned person is under consumptions of either alcohol, any kind of drugs like cocaine if mentally sick.
Abuse can be of five types- Physical abuse, Elder abuse, Psychological abuse and Sexual abuse.

Physical abuse:

Inflicting injury upon another person can be termed a physical abuse. Abusing another person by harming the person physically by punching, beating, biting, stamping, kicking or using weapons like knife or a rod can be called abusing physically. Usually the victims of Physical abuse are the female spouse, children or a friend. It is seen that physical abuse is not uncommon is sports filed. Abusing a player in the opposite teams (in football, rugby or hockey) while the game is on, is a usual incident these days.
Physical abuses on children, which are reported, are mostly done by parents, while physical abuse on adults mainly occurs in women, by the male spouse. 83% of children reported to have abused physically, were abused by their parents. About one- third of all the women in the world are physically abused brutally throughout their lifetime.
Alcohol consumption and economic drop down are the major reasons for the cause of abusing a person physically.

Elder abuse:

Abusing elderly person is common these days. The victims of elder abuse are usually people above 50 years and they are being abused by their caregivers. Abuse can vary from not giving food, water or medicines, delaying medical care, forcing an elderly person to sign legal documents mainly property documents, using the money of an elder, hitting them, screaming and shouting at them, tying them up or locking them up.

Psychological abuse:

Psychological abuse can also be called as emotional abuse or mental abuse. Psychological abuse mostly can be found in offices by the superior on the subordinate, in houses by the male spouse on female or vice versa and parents on children.
Psychological aggressions are usually verbal aggressions, dominating behaviors and due to jealousy.
Verbal aggressions are usually annoying making someone upset mentally with irritating words.
Dominance on the partner or subordinate is another kind of psychological aggression. Psychological abuse can be inflicted on a life partner or subordinate at office. Dominance on them can cause the dominating person to abuse psychologically on the weaker section.
Jealousy can also result in psychological abuse. This happens mainly when a partner is jealous of the other partner who is much smarter and is attracted by others.

Sexual abuse:

Any kind of sexual behavior between an adult and a child or between two children or forcing the minor for sex can be termed as sexual abuse. Sexual abuse by a male towards an adult female is also illegal. Sexual abuse can cause insecurity and fear all through the life of the victim. The over use of drugs, mental instability or use of alcohol are the main reasons why a person inflicts this kind of abuse on the victims.

Any kind of these abuses can cause great amount of mental tensions and psychological problems in the victims. Hence care should be taken to avoid abusing others who are weaker or are subordinates. Make sure that every person given full respect. Create awareness among young generations to behave in such a manner that they give full respect to others thus by not abusing others in any way when they grow up. Similarly, they must be aware of how to avoid such abuses in their life.

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