About Energy Therapy Techniques

Dr. Purushothaman
October 8, 2013

People all around the world suffer from various pain and mental distress. A lot of them invest huge amount of money in getting treated by doctors and buying painkiller medicine. But, the result is only a temporary solution for the pain According to the experts emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances cause physical problems indirectly. If some effective energy can innate into body and if the body's energy supports it, then this problem can be solved. Energy therapy techniques are one or more techniques combined together to cure your pain or physical problems. The technique uses completely natural effective procedure for recovery. This technique enables you to heal more quickly by bringing a total balance in your life with the support of your innate power. It helps to support your full body and not just the part of the body that is affected. In the beginning years energy therapy techniques came as an assistant to other medical procedure, but today with the advent of the new inventions it is the best techniques for healing or curing problems.

Each of the energy healing method is different from one another, but the success of these techniques lies in the mental power of a person. Massaging supports a lot of solution for pain. Foot Reflexology is the most popular massaging techniques used in the world. In this technique the massage balances the affected part of the body and restores the energy for the entire body thereby curing the problem.

The energy healing method that identifies the main cause of the problem by controlling the electromagnetic field is known as Polarity Therapy that is mostly popular among the Asian people. The most remarkable energy medicine method is Acupressure that is the most ancient technique used worldwide. In acupressure the expert applies physical pressure on the acupuncture points. The pressure can either be applied by hands or by using devices especially meant for this purpose. It uses the body-soul approach that helps to heal the root cause of the pain. Color therapy is another energy therapy in which the therapist uses light in form of various colors to balance the body's energy. The yellow color light is used to get rid of a person's ego and color blue enhances the physical and spiritual communication. The body-part associated with the blue light are throat, ear, mouth and hand and with the yellow light are liver and stomach. Each color has a different function and affects different body part.

If you are thinking about using a technique that doesn't leave any side-effect, then energy therapy techniques and energy medicine is obviously the best solution for you.

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