A VERY Unconventional Child Behavior Modification Plan

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

Instead of cluttering the internet with yet another "me too" type of simplistic parenting plan for modifying a child's behavior... I thought I'd give you something a little more off the wall. Something that you probably have never heard of and won't ever find on any other parenting site.
It's a strategy I accidentally discovered for my son when he was two years old that has had a more drastic impact on getting him to behave then anything else I've tried.
But before I pull back the curtain and reveal it to you, I do want to warn you... this strategy of child behavior modification [http://www.betterparenting.com/a-very-unconventional-child-behavior-modification-plan] might seem a little out there for you, and might force you to open up your mind to a new way of looking at your child's behavior long enough for me to make the whole case.
When I first heard this strategy, I thought it was total BS too, until I saw it working for my family.
And it's based on this one premise...
What if Your Child Was Misbehaving Because Their Spine Is Out Of Alignment? (I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out)
This sounds kooky right?
But there have been a lot of published case studies where children with behavior problems like ADHD were able to improve their behavior after several months of chiropractic care.
I'm not trying to argue that chiropractic is the cure for things like ADHD, I'm just saying that if chiropractic can fix behavior problems as bad as ADHD, then maybe it would be a better plan for a child with a more mild behavior problem like just basic defiance, or hyperactivity.
Now I have to be honest with you...
I was not forward thinking enough to actually go look for this research ahead of time and then try it on my son. I wish I was that smart, but alas I'm not
I stumbled onto this solution for my son in a much different way while trying to find a new chiropractor for MYSELF after moving to a new town. Which is when I discovered a chiropractor who specializes in a type of chiropractic called Upper-Cervical.
And to make a long story short, Upper-Cervical is a type of chiropractic that believes that by keeping the top two vertabrea in alignment the human body works MUCH better.
So I tried it; and something very ODD happened...
I Noticed All Symptoms of Irritability Vanish!
By keeping my upper two vertebrae in alignment I was no longer feeling irritable (which was actually kinda starting to be a problem... just ask my wife
And that's when our chiropractor suggested he do the same treatment for my son.
So we did.
And holy S&*T did it make ALL the difference in the world!
My son immediately became more calm, and less confrontational when things weren't going his way. He also become more sweet, and kind towards other children. He even slept better throughout the night with less nightmares. All because he was in alignment.
To the point where if he starts to become more defiant for two days in a row, we just know he's out of alignment.
I know this might be hard to swallow. I know it sounds a little voodoo, especially since our society likes to talk about how the only way we can heal our children is with drugs and traditional medicines or some fancy parenting technique.
But I've seen such a drastic change in my son's behavior for the better (even when I thought he was good to start with) that I just have to share this strategy with you.
And here's the best part...
This Eliminated 90% Of Our Son's Disobedient Behavior
We basically no longer even worry about behavior. So we don't even need another behavior modification plan, or at least not a very intense one. We can literally just talk our son our of his issues now... with reason and understanding.
We don't need to use time-outs, we don't need to punish, and we never need to yell. Because when his spine is in alignment he becomes instantly obedient.
Do I believe 100% this plan will work for you?
Maybe, Maybe NOT.
Maybe your child won't respond as well as mine did. But maybe, just maybe they will. And if there's even a possibility that they will respond as favorably as mine, you're going to kick yourself for not trying it out for yourself. Because this one "Child Behavior Modification Plan" has been more effective for me personally then any Wiz-Bang technique I've ever found.
What Do You Think?
What do you think about this idea? Are you willing to try it? Have you tried it and didn't get results? Have you seen it work with some chiropractors like ones specializing in Upper Cervical, and NOT work with others?
Or do you think this is total BS?

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