A Simple Guide for Choosing the Best Anxiety Cure

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

Anxiety is healthy when it serves as a defense mechanism and helps a person be cautious and alert on certain occasions encountered on a day to day basis and in different instances. It is a part of life and so, having the right attitude in coping with it balances the effect of anxiety on each situation. The common encounters with anxiety can be provoked by exams; when one thinks about what their future could be; being left alone; and dealing with things outside a person's comfort zone. Depending on a person, anxieties can be damaging and can damage one's everyday function. When anxiety renders a person to become incapable to do things which they normally do without a problem, or when it causes harm in someone's every day life, it can be considered a disorder. The best anxiety cure really depends on a person's predisposition and while some treatments do have positive effects on this disorder, each treatment may not be suitable for everyone.
Some people get better when their anxiety cure is simply done by changing aspects in their lives which include diet, meditation, having a healthy level of stress, participating in physical activities, and getting involved in different hobbies that serve as distraction for the root of their problem which causes stress. Anxiety is different from fear because the former has something to do with the possible outcome of the future and when this becomes bothersome for a certain individual, the natural reaction of the body is anxiety. Milder forms of anxiety disorders can be cured by simple steps, which all have something to do with avoiding stress levelsthat can be the root of the anxiety attacks.
But many people experience a form of anxiety, which is difficult to deal with and that often becomes uncontrollable. This pushes people into living a less satisfactory life. Cases such as these are called anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorder is a term for different types of psychological problems which include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobia, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and separation anxiety.
Generalized anxiety disorder is a form of anxiety, which is chronic and does not focus on a certain object or event. It has something to do with worrying about different matters in life. Panic disorder on the other hand can be triggered by stress or fear and it lasts from ten minutes to hours. Phobia is a general form of anxiety, which is caused by a person's fear of something. All of these disorders manifest when a stressful event occurs to a person. The signs of anxiety are headache, sweating, muscle spasms, palpitations and hypertension. The symptoms may or may not lead to a worst case scenario which is fatigue or exhaustion.
For the said anxiety disorders, it is rather difficult to find anxiety cure in simple lifestyle changes because of the severity of the problem. Such disorders need help from a professional so that the problem may be addressed immediately and the victim is given proper treatments and medications. Treatments may involve psychotherapy, administering drugs, and educating the patient on the correct behaviour during anxiety attacks. The mix of these approaches and a minimal use of drugs is another possible cure for anxiety.

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