A Purpose Driven Life Leads to a Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

Never has there been a better time to lead a purpose driven life based on your heart's desire and true passion in life. For those of you who haven't found that true passion and are perhaps unconsciously using that as an excuse to stay in your present circumstances then this article is for you. For those of you who know what your passion is and still are afraid to live a purpose driven life then please read on too.

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation" Henry David Thoreau

Many of the people I meet daily, in particular during my coaching sessions are not truly happy, yet they can't quite put their finger on why that is. Inevitably when I ask them if they are happy about individual parts of their lives they always answer not really or sometimes or variations on this theme. The answer is of course they are not leading a purpose driven life, they are not following their heart and intuition. They are in the 'the system,' they are manipulated by media, government, consumerism and the "need" to work. People have been scammed to give a days worth of their life force energy to someone else and be thankful with a low wage which has to be split with their government.

People also need to stop saying what is in it for me? The question should be how can I best serve mankind? If you think like this you will be amply rewarded in time.

Earlier I said need to work, not desire to work! People have a work ethic and not a lifestyle. They have been conditioned to follow this pattern because if they didn't who would pay the mortgage(mortgage is French for death pledge), car loan payments and feed the kids? People have been consistently and skillfully manipulated by the global elite (banksters) for a century and more. And of course they remain in 'the system' because of fear. Fear of what they think might happen (FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real).

It's now time to awaken and find your purpose in life. It is now time to start thinking 'out of the box' and lead a truly purpose driven life based on how you want to spend your time. It is time to serve mankind (not government) and monetise this service to your advantage. You will not be happy or wealthy working for someone else. You will not have a lifestyle, you will have a workstyle!!

Here is my idea of a truly purpose driven life:

1. You are fully expressing your creativity, because you have the time, and because it's easy when you are following your passion. Don't forget everyone has a passion. Many just havn't found it yet;
2. Because you are 100% committed to following your passion you are working for yourself. This means you can monetise this passion and you become wealthy, not someone else.
3. You are not a member of the old world, the 9-5 brigade. You have a lifestyle to follow, not a conditioned work ethic.
4. You can focus on whats important to you much more easily including family and relationships. This is because you have the time to focus on your number one priority. You. When you can do this everyone around you benefits.
5. You serve and contribute to mankind and become financially free doing it.
6. You have let go of ego and your past conditioning and have at last listened to your inner voice or your higher self.

We all want to be happy. The best way is to follow a purpose driven life. Once you do this doors will open for you. You will serve and draw people to you and finally you will be amply rewarded for your effort.

One of the main problems people put forward to not following a purpose driven life is time and money. Having more time is easy. Stop following the 9-5 brigade and follow your passion. This way you will have at least an extra 40hrs per week. By having more time you will be more focused and creative and can follow your chosen purpose driven life. You will be more energetic and can concentrate on living a healthy lifestyle. Simplicity is important. When you are not rushed, being centered and in harmony with life is much easier and you feel happier and more peaceful. By doing all these things, in time, you will more than make just enough money, you will become financially free.

It is time to awaken to your true purpose. You are 100% responsible for your life. You cannot let the responsiblity of this important task fall to government or an employer. If you look around you they clearly are not interested in your welfare. It is time to take responsibility for your own life.

If you remain in your present unhappy position you are not following the reason you were sent here, you will not be following your true life purpose. When you follow a purpose driven life you are automatically connected to the universe or consciousness or infinite self, whatever you want to call it. When this happens you will not have a work ethic which has been conditioned into you, you will have the lifestyle that you desire.

A few more pointers:

1. It will be easier to center yourself and find balance. Life becomes "slower". You will not be as stressed, your health will improve along with your mood. You will become more creative and ideas will start to flow. Life becomes pleasurable and happiness increases. Living a purpose-driven life is a very powerful way to live.
2. When you make the commitment to follow your passion and life purpose you will become financially independent. Initially it will be scary because you may have very little income. If you make the commitment though your financial situation will turn round. You can also follow your passion part time while still following your 9 to 5. A very good solution and one I highly recommend is SBI - see below
3. Your energy level will increase simply because you are on purpose, self determining and following your passion. You are no longer part of 'the system', the 'tick tock' world of drudgery and routine.
4. Over time the fear based life that you used to lead is replaced by love and compassion. You have escaped the slave system and feel compassion for the people who can't get out. You realise life is what you make it. It is your map of reality. Change that and everything else changes. The illusion that you once thought real falls away and you see reality more clearly.

"...you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

5. Your relationships will improve. You will have more time and that time will have much more quality to it. You will be able to relate to spouses, children and friends on a much deeper level. However don't be surprised if certain relationships fall by the way side. Remember you will be a much more positive person and on purpose in life. You don't want or need negative people around you anymore.
6. You will become much more focused and your mental clarity will improve because you are following your goals. Remember only to have a maximum of 5 tasks per day. These are tasks that you must do no matter what. If they don't come into that category then don't add them to your list. My time management page below should help you in this regard.
7. Your level of happiness will increase. Your sense of frustration will decrease as you live a purpose driven life.
8. As you live the type of life that you want your life experiences will increase, you will probably travel more, meet new people and see how the world really is, not how it is reported to be by the media and the people who want to keep you in servitude. Your increased awareness will go a long way to helping set other people free of the illusion of outdated thinking and indeed of the new world order that governments are now forcing on their citizens.


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