A piercing alarm that alerts

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Pool Eye In-Ground Home security system
Would you like two degrees of protection at reasonable prices? Combining a motion detector and underwater wave sensor, this innovative pool security alarm provides double safety and reassurance. The initial brand of defense originates from an infrared motion detector that includes a 180-degree/100-foot range. When a product comes close to the pool a burglar alarm sounds both at the pool as well as at the in-house receiver. A patented underwater wave detector that signals when an object weighing 15 lb.or higher grouped into the pool enforces the 2nd line against accidents. This system has two alarms-- one at the pool then one in the remote receiver. The alarm at the pool may be set to "chirp" or even to wail at 120-decibels as you move the remote receiver, which may be placed up to 100-feet out of the pool, alerts you that has a voice announcement or maybe a 100-decibel siren. Loaded with numerous safety features, including power battery, RF checks, and timed resets, this high-tech, water-resistant system comes with ladder and deck mounting hardware, installation and handbook, including a remote receiver A/C adapter. It's not hard to install and has an 6-month warranty. (ETL/CETL/CE/FCC listed) Price is approximately $170.
Deluxe Above-Ground Pool Alarm with Remote Receiver
This alarm, devised for aboveground pools, offers reliable protection cheaply. Having a patented underwater wave detector, this all to easy to install and operate system instantly projects a loud 120-decibel alarm when a thing weighing 15 lb. or higher enters the river. The system's sensor is mounted in the pool next to the wall even though the key pad, which contains the siren, is installed on the top of pool. The cp comes with an on/off switch, low battery alert, plus a power check button. The unit includes mounting hardware, a remote receiver that can pay a signal approximately 100-feet away, and instructions. Coverage is made for a round pool about 24-feet or even a 16 x 32-foot oval. A 1-year warranty is roofed. Pricing is approximately $130.
Safety Turtle Burglar alarm
The security Turtle Self-protection system, that features a base and one wristband, monitors your kids and not your pool! This reliable, wireless safety system is one of several easiest to make use of. Including things like an electrical wristband that securely locks on your own child's wrist, supply requires no poolside installation and may even often be moved to another pool, into a boat, or even a lakeside cottage. The minute the wristband hits the river, it transmits a signal activating the remote 110V base unit. It seems sensible a piercing alarm that alerts anyone to the danger. Unlike other pool systems the security Turtle will not be prone to false alarms but it does not need to be deterred if the pool is it being cleaned or in use. Providing it is on your child the wristband is on. The remote base unit might be located up to 100-feet on the wristband's subject of use. Multiple wristbands may very well be ordered and used simultaneously. Family members with 3 children would spend about $300 in this home security system. The beds base features a 1-year warranty as the wristbands use a 6-month warranty.

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