A Path To Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

It seems that everyone's goal, in this day and age, is how to achieve spiritual enlightenment. As far back as the Paleolithic period, mankind seem to be on a mission for godly unification and awakening. Different primeval ceremonies achieved by diverse groups of people universally. Native people, who are still in existence today, show us a preview of how our ancestors had a more profound feeling for the world and the spirits.

The Ancient Egyptians had harmonizing of distinct chants and resonances which took place during the witching hour in various sites like the holy man-made brook and the underground compartment beneath the Great Sphinx. The chanting and sounds allegedly encourages a portion of the head that can open up the brain to worldwide energy and electrical encouragement. It is supposed to release or discharge your supernatural gifts and capabilities. When it has been unlocked, psychic and spiritual awakenings will be experienced by the person, who has stirred them - intuition, creativity, clairvoyant abilities, etc.

Ancient Egypt also new the end of the year as the time of reckoning, consideration and moving towards spiritual enlightenment. One of their rituals was Ushet Rekhat - Mother Worship. This ritual began with a reflection ritual which reinforces the understanding and dedication of the disciple. The reflection ritual would also draw understanding and health to those who share it.

An ancient Indian fire ritual called Homa is done with the goal of aiding you to find a companion, have children and also eradicate evil karma or harmful facets in a horoscope. Tantra in Indian and Buddhist practice is used to direct and develop spirituality. The word Tantra means web and enlightenment. Tantra has been used in Ancient India to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Hypothetically, the thangkas paintings from Tibet are meant to lead to developing attitudes such as serenity, tolerance, determination, attentiveness, self-development and spiritual enlightenment. The thangkas paintings are comparable to the ancient Indian art of patachitra. These ancient rituals, whether they are credible and applicable now, most of the native tribes who started them are still practising and believing in them now.

These ancient rituals were a way for our ancestors to reach their spiritual goals. Whatever why you choose to become spiritually awakened, and there are many practices you can choose from: Yoga, meditation, Buddhism, etc, the spiritual path should be an unforgettable and enlightening one. Have fun in finding your spiritual path.

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