A Healthy Life Starts With a Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

A healthy life does start with a happy life. Let's face it when one is happy there is no stress and better yet no complications to our lives. We live in a society that is going a hundred miles per hour and seems to never stop to refuel.

Having a happy life starts with making your surroundings enjoyable and your abode a pleasant place to live in. When we come home from work we want to kick off our shoes and place ourselves in a relaxing state. If your surroundings are messy then it is hard to relax. A clean quiet room is the place to start to relax.

After you sit back and are relaxing and feeling calmed from the days work or activities it is time to think of a place that makes you happy. Be it a field of daisies or a swimming pool floating on a raft. Making you feel happy and relaxed is a crucial part to a healthy life.

In a healthy life, relaxing and meditation can be a part of you day, even at work. You can sit back in your chair and think of your relaxing place. At times doing this technique several times a day you will find you are able to deal with the work stresses in a better manner. Becoming irate toward others just makes your day bad as well as theirs.

In conclusion it does not cost you anything to relax and think of a calm place to be. Just take a bit of time in your busy schedule to do this and soon your days will be more at an even keel. You will find that you are calmer when you are faced with hectic problems!


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