A Happy Life- 7 Small Steps To A Happier Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

A happier life is what everybody craves, and who can blame them? In such rough times, with layoffs, crime and suicides on the rise we need to remember the small things that make us smile. Here are a few small steps to take every day to make you smile, make you happier and in the long run, save the world.

7 Steps To A Happier Life:


1- Tell a child you love them.

Who cares which child? Children are not told this enough. You will make them happier which in turn will feed your own soul.

2- Say thank you out loud and mean it.

Say it about anything. Better yet, make a list of everything that you are thankful for. It may end up longer than you think possible.

3- Take a walk.

Getting outside is ideal but even if you just take a lap or two around the house, the exercise will do you good. Increase your heart rate, control your breathing, get your mind clear.

4- Smile to a stranger.

This goes along with the first one. It makes them feel good and in return makes you feel good for being a part of it.

5- Compliment someone.

This is a little more work than just a smile but when used together it can be powerful. In fact – Bonus Tip – Compliment Yourself!

6- Turn on some music.

Obviously put in something you like. Music is a universal language, full of emotion and energy. It is cathartic, so make it something good.

7- Turn the music up.

Just for fun!

The percentage of people newly diagnosed with depression is on the rise and the number of medications to “fix it” is even larger. Don’t perpetuate the cycle, remember the little things and learn to cheer yourself up the natural way. This will make your life much happier and in turn, lightens the lives around you. Little by little you could be making the whole world a better place.

Stephanie Barker is a writer looking to spread relief and awareness to the world, one enlightened reader at a time. She works with a new-age independent publishing company releasing a series of books attempting to bring to light some major social issues in our world today.

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