9 tips for a better aging

Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

Aging is the most natural process of life. But we can have a word to say on the quality of aging, mainly because it is often determined by us. Our actions and behaviors in the youth and middle-age can affect our life quality in the elderly age.

Getting old is a continuous process thought out life. Many factors have a great impact in aging and there are a few we can't control, like for example the hereditary, the genetics, the environment, etc. We can have influence in some others, like life routines, habits. Aging can make a profound change in our lives, and we need to be prepared to look to those changes as a natural process to live with and don't fight them. Deny aging is the first step to severe psychological and even physical problems.

Let's look at 9 simple tips that can have a great influence in aging.

1 - Avoid aggressive agents
The word here is protect yourself. Aggressive agents like pollution, tobacco, alcohol, over exposure to the sun, a stressed life, weight problems and a bad lifestyle in general, can lead easily to diseases and to a premature aging. Active social life plays an important role in aging. Isolation and inactive are two situations to avoid at all cost.

2- Healthy eating habits
A healthy diet has an incredible impact in preserving our wellness. In fact, it even decreases the chance of suffering from coronary artery disease, cardio condition and many forms of cancer. Look for a diet abundant in veggies, fruits and whole-grain cereal products. Stay away from fats and never abuse the sugar or salt. Drink five glasses of water each and every day and don't spend too much hours without eating.

3 - Safeguard your bones from osteoporosis
To avoid osteoporosis is necessary to have a diet rich in calcium. You can find the calcium you need in the dairy products - milk, cheese, yogurts - but also in fresh fish. Besides calcium your bones need vitamin D. For these, a daily outdoor walk is fair enough. Sun rays are necessary for your body produce vitamin D but you have to protect from their side effects. Keep in mind that you need to use sun protection at all occasions.

4 - Avoid accidents and falls
Domestic accidents do occur. Walk regularly and keep physical exercise in your daily habits. If necessary, change your footwear to a designed to not slip one, with good rubber soles. Remove any objects that may lead you to fall.

5 - Build your autonomy
This is an everyday task. Being able to look after yourself is a sign of healthful aging. This helps people to stay healthy and balanced, self-sufficient and joyful. Working out is essential to maintain all our capabilities. Come up with programs to the day-to-day task, set up your own duties. Try not to isolate yourself from contact with others and offer all the help you can provide. Being a helpful person provides self-satisfaction, a vital factor for elderly people.

6 - Practice your mind and memory
You need to exercise your mind and memory every day. Repetitive exercises are the key to maintain the brain sharp and the memory accurate. Remember your memoirs, tell them to other people, talk to your relatives, friends and neighbours, read the newspapers and discuss the news, keep an eye in the world, all these are an essential stimulus to keep and also enhance the mental skills.

7 - Health prevention
It is important to have regular and frequent medical examinations, including checkups to your eyes, ears, teeth and dental prostheses if it is the case. Keep an eye on the blood pressure, at least three times in the week

8 - Getting old in the men and women, regular examinations
There are different concerns in ageing for women and men. If women can't neglect the periodic examination of the breasts as well as the uterus, men need to have a regular examination of the prostate.

9 - Keep up connecting with the community
Being active and connected with your surrounding community is the best you can do for happy ageing. Isolation is often the main cause associated with depression. Keep the best relationship with your relatives and neighbours. Be familiar with the services nearer you.

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