9 Details Indicate Women Having Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

There are some indicates to show if a woman is happy or not:

1, Like laugh when taking pictures
The latest study of U.S. Diebold University find that people, who like laughing when taking pictures from their childhood, their divorce rate will 5 times less than the others.

The reason is feather flock together. The people, who love to laugh, tend to attract happy people like themselves, and live together into a solid marriage hall.

2. Put the souvenirs on the table
After traveling back, some women love to put the variety of small souvenirs and travel photographs on her table. It indicates she feels happier than others. The psychology Professor Sonia - Dr. Liu Bo from University of California said, the souvenirs and travel photographs often remind the women to remember the good times while traveling, and encourage them to travel again.

3. Do not like watching TV
A University of Maryland has done a research for 34 year with covering 4.5 million people. They found that the happier people spend average 30% less time on watching TV. They use the most of the time to build social relationships and read books or participate in various activities.

4. Like to drink hot drinks
Holding a large cup of hot tea or hot coffee, it will make people feel warm from body to heart, that warmth will lead to people thinking more positive things. Studies show that people who like to drink hot drinks are more than friendly, generous and more likely to trust others.

5. No matter how busy still keep doing exercise
Danish researchers find that people, who love exercises like jogging, etc., have 70% less stress than the sedentary people. They rarely complain about in life. As long as taking 17-34 minutes a day to do moderate exercise, your feeling of happiness will increase rapidly.

6.Have two best friends
A recent survey on 654 couples shows two friends are the best. If having more than 2 friends, it does not increase their happiness.

7.Have harmonious sexual life
Dr. Oswald from University of Warwick Andrew found that intimate physical contact is an important component of happiness. Married person's sexual life is 30% more than single person's, so they feel happier.

8. Live close to happy people
Communicating with happy people can make you happier. If that person lives close to you, within 800 meters, it will increase your happiness for about 42%; if more than 3200 meters, this happiness will drop 22%.

9. Have a sister
British Psychological Society recently released a study that if women have a sister to support them; they are usually more optimistic personality and have stronger problem-solving abilities. This is because it is easier to communicate with sister than a brother.

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