7 Ways to Stimulate Creative Thinking

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013

Whether you're an artist, a writer, an online business owner or somewhere in between your efforts likely require a healthy mix of creative thinking. In fact creativity and innovation are crucial for business success or to excel in most any other type vocation.

Realizing the important role creativity plays in your professional efforts it is vital to maintain a continual flow of fresh new creative ideas. Unfortunately we all experience times when this flow slows to a trickle and sometimes even stops. Coming up with even a single creative idea seems to be an insurmountable challenge. What do you do when this happens?

In order to 'recharge' your mind and get those innovative thoughts flowing again a change of venue is usually a good first step.

Let's have a look at 7 different ways to stimulate your thinking thus allowing your mind to develop more cutting edge ideas for use in business or everyday problem solving.

Reach out to Family and Friends

If you've got an online business discuss with family or friends what it is you do and how they think you can improve upon it. Perhaps they feel you're products are too expensive or maybe just don't solve the problems they want solved. Listen to their feedback and take notes.

What's in the News

Check out what's going on in the world. Generally the bad part about any news broadcast is that they're so negative. Well negativity implies there are problems so identify them and consider any solutions that may address these problems.

Review Your Past Mistakes

Review your own past and examine mistakes you've made. Were the mistakes you made common or could they have been avoided and if so, how? You're looking for ideas here so don't let this turn into a 'self flogging' session.

Brainstorm with Friends

This need not be a formal gathering nor does it need to be like work. Chill out, kick back and be casual. Have fun in this relaxed environment and treat this like a game such as word association or scrabble. Discussing something like 'what ticks you off most about.....' and then let the sparks fly. No doubt a creative idea or two will result from these exchanges.

Introduce New Solutions

Ignoring any current solutions and focus more on the problem these solutions were made for. Consider a different approach to solving the problem. Your solution may be more convenient, economical or possibly environmentally friendlier.

Peruse Forums

Online forums are a great source of information but they are also a great place to find out what is on the minds of others. What bothers them or what pressing and consistent need is out there that has gone unanswered?

Finding a Niche in the Existing Solution

Look at current or popular products that offer solutions to pre-existing problems. Have they fully addressed the problem or is something left unsolved?

Approach this 'sliver of opportunity' by considering a solution for just this one area. Focus on the smaller problem areas the existing solutions didn't solve and consider a solution for just it.

Creative thinking is a resource upon which many rely in order to achieve any type of success. The ability to introduce creativity and innovation into your efforts is what keeps you on the cutting edge and a step ahead of the competition. Whether it's for business success, personal achievement or simply problem solving there'll always be the need for fresh new creative ideas. Losing, even temporarily, the ability to think creatively can severely hinder your efforts or business growth. The 7 techniques we discussed above are great ways to stimulate creative thoughts that will keep you or your business continually moving forward.


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