7 Ways You Can Use Coconut Oil to Get a Healthy and Beautiful Skin

benefits of coconut oil

Dr. Purushothaman
July 1, 2017

Coconut oil is known for its property of giving nourishment to hair but it has many other uses too. It is edible oil that can be used with food but besides its commonly known uses, coconut oil can actually be used for beauty treatments and skin health.  Here are some simple but powerful ways you can make use of this natural oil to enhance your beauty and keep your skin healthy.

You can use it on your face -

As Lip Balm: Coconut oil has SPF 6 so it can give a mild protection to your lips from sun but it definitely does not work as a moisturizer. Use it over your lips before leaving in summer and re-apply it after 2-4 hours for continuous protection.

Use as an exfoliating scrub: Melt half cup of the coconut oil on gas, just enough to melt and add two teaspoons of sugar. Leave it to cool and you will see that in just a few minutes, the sugar will get dissolve but leaving some coarseness making the mix work like an exfoliating scrub. You can keep this mixture in your refrigerator to keep using it for long. Make sure that you use this only once a week in winter else your skin will lose its moisture.

Highlight your Cheeks: A light touch of coconut oil on your cheeks while doing makeup can give you a natural glow. Make sure to put the makeup fist and then put some oil on cheeks that would trap the moisture making your cheek look bright.

Remove Make up: When removing makeup from your face, instead of using harsh chemical packed products, try using coconut oil which will not only remove your makeup but would also make you feel fresh. Just apply it on two fingers and rub off our make up with circular movements. Once done, you can wash your face with water and a mild soap, and then pat it dry.

You can use it on your body -

To shave Legs: While shaving your legs, you can burns or cuts that can be painful but with a gentle oil massage done on your legs before shaving, the razor will slide smoothly over your skin keeping it safe.

To sooth Mosquito Bites: Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and it can help you get rid of itches from the mosquito bites. If you apply the oil in the infected area, it would go down very soon and you will get a relief.

Use as Bath Oil: In today’s world of increasing air and water pollution, the water we use is always treated so it is hard on skin. With the use of coconut oil, you can reduce this hardness. When you add coconut oil in your bathing water, the water gets softened giving you a gentle bathing experience and leaving your skin smooth with a natural coat of oil.

Besides these uses, Coconut oil can also be used for several other purposes such as:

  • Adding it to shampoo would give a conditioning effect
  • Applying it on wrinkles at night can reduce lines on your face
  • Apply it on your baby’s skin to give it a relief from diaper rashes
  • Applying it daily on stomach while a woman is pregnant can prevent stretch marks from appearing
  • Applying it daily on the dark spots on skin at night can lighten them
  • Cleaning oily makeup remains from your makeup brush
  • Moisturize your nose if it is dry and cracking with coconut oil to prevent nosebleeds
  • Moisturize you dry elbows every night with coconut oil
  • Applying it on face after shaving would prevent irritation from shaving
  • Applying it as a primer before makeup would make your foundation stay for long
  • Using it on your greasy hands can help you clean your hands fast
  • Using it to tame your eye brow and it will look beautiful and intact all day

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