7 Tips on How to Become Rich

Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2013

1. Self confidence
Rich people have an innate confidence and faith in the knowledge that they are destined to be rich. They have the determination, drive and energy to keep going until they reach their goals and nothing will deter them. Giving up is not an option for rich people.

2. Prioritising their time
Rich people protect their time. They value it and don't waste it on meaningless pursuits, such as watching mindless television or wasting valuable time sleeping in late. They have a plan for each and every day which is broken down into sections to complete each set and specific task. They normally set their plan the night before so that when they wake up, they know exactly what they want to achieve by a certain time in the morning etc. Time management is a very important criterion of the rich.

3. They network to improve their social status
Rich people are focused and like to mix with like minded people. They prefer to be surrounded by people who have driven themselves by their own motivation and determination. This does not mean to say that they only mix with wealthy people. 'Rich' comes in all forms. Mother Theresa certainly was not wealthy but many people would love to have been able to network with her.

4. Investing
They do not hesitate when they need to spend money on investing in their knowledge because they know that this will be returned threefold at the very least. They refuse to consider that they are not progressing in their future wealth. Rich people believe that knowledge is power.

5. Positive attitude
No matter what they have to contend with, rich people will always see the positive side of any situation. "Every disaster has a silver lining" and "You never know what is around the corner", are words often spoken by rich people. Other people love to be around them as their positive attitude is so infectious and inspires them to want to achieve their own goals.

6. Good money habits
Rich people nurture their money and invest it in places which will give them the best rate of investment and also security. They rarely gamble, if ever.

7. Generosity
The majority of rich people are extremely generous. If they have arrived into wealth from a background of poverty, you will often hear examples of what these people have given back to society. One example would be that of Bill Cullen from Dublin, Ireland. Having been born into poverty he went on to make millions and then set up a charity to help young people achieve their goals in life. In the past 17 years he has raised £20million through his charitable work.

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