7 Tips on How to Be Happy in Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

It is usually important, to sometimes sit back and ask yourself what you really want in life. Most people have one answer to the question of what they want in life, they want to be happy. However, it takes some efforts and commitment to realize a happy life. It does not just come. The following are the true steps on how to be happy in life.

1. The danger that most people who want to live a happy life put themselves is thinking that they must just start with serious meditations. It is also not a requirement that you must begin by finding solid answers to self-confidence. There are basic things such as making sure you have sufficient sleep. This simply means that you need to get to bed at some early hours. Moreover, you also need to make sure that you do not become too angered with situations.

2. Do not sleep with your anger. If it is possible for you to air all the bad feelings you might have had before bedtime, the better for you. Bad feelings are usually aggravated by expressing anger on every small thing that disappoints you. You need to learn how to deal with small things or those that are too minor. It is true that you can never live without getting annoyed, but make sure that you minimize every chances to this and you will learn how to be happy in life easily.

3. Be deliberate to act cheery even when you seem to have no reason. Some people fake happiness, but the result is usually advantageous for them. When you feel disappointed by someone, it is usually medicinal to do for him or her something that is thoughtful and that way, you will have softened the bad feelings.

4. Be realistic. Know that anything can be done to annoy. What you need are simply challenge and sometimes, novelty. These are known to be true key to happiness. The brain is usually made active through surprises, and if you can deal with unexpected situations successfully, you will obviously feel satisfied. True to also learn newer things and be traveling to new places. These are some important sources of happiness. Those who stick to one place throughout their lives hardly experience similar level of happiness compared to travel enthusiasts.

5. Never do things that will only take your mind of the situation momentarily. There are several people who go for a glass of wine or simply buy themselves a gift after they are annoyed, with the thought that this solves their situations. The reality, however, is very different. Before you drink to forget, ask yourself how long this will help you. Be sure to only do things that will not pose a consequential challenge to you and you will be learning how to be happy in life.

6. Be closer to your family. This is one of the best ways that anyone who wants to know how to be happy should try. Your family is the best person to help you when you want to know how to be happy in life. If you have money, do not imagine that it will buy happiness.

7. One vital and proven thing is doing exercise. Exercising can help to boost your energy nicely. The exercise in this case does not have to be complicated or tough. It just has to be something manageable. Do a ten minutes walk and there shall be a significant improvement in your happiness level.


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