7 Healthy Living Tips to a Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

Working very hard to make sure that you earn a good living and fulfill your goals in life is one big step to success. You must not forget though that the first step to success is taking care of yourself so your mind and body will be prepared for anything that will come your way. Here are some essential healthy living tips that you can keep in mind and put to practice:

Maintain a good weight

Remember that being overweight is not entirely an issue of how you look. The more important concern should be the bad effects of being overweight to your overall health. It is a common problem today that also has some of the most common and practical solutions that we know.

Say no to smoking

Some studies say that a stick of cigarette takes away seven minutes of your life. Smoking also increases your chances of stroke as much as seven times. The list of potential problems caused by smoking leads you to cancer, lung problems, and infertility among other health issues. The reminder on the box is true. Cigarette smoking kills.

Always have breakfast

You maybe in a rush but do not miss the most important meal of the day. Breakfast will recharge you for all the work that you need to do for the rest of the day. Have a healthy breakfast and as much as you can have fresh fruits in the morning. Before you go out the door, grab a pack of nuts which you can munch as your snack in between your activities. Remember to consume healthy living food to get most of the nutrition that your body needs.

Love water

Aside from hydrating our body and help you avoid overheating, a glass of water before a meal can make you feel full and prevent overeating. Through out the day, you must be able to take in about six to eight glasses of water.

Move, move, move

Get your body moving most of the day. If you can not go to the gym on the regular basis, try to walk or run for about thirty minutes everyday. You can also follow the concept of active rest where you try to inject some exercise in between work, while reading while waiting for the laundry, or basically looking for those little opportunities to burn some calories.

Get enough sleep

Recent studies have shown that eight hours of sleep helps in maintaining good blood pressure and reduces stress levels. Enough sleep also helps to keep your memory sharp, keep you alert, and your body in tip-top condition since it gets all the repair it needs while you rest.

Think positive and smile

Being optimistic in life brings a lot of good things to your table. Rather than focusing on the bad things happening, be thankful for what you have and smile. Keep working hard and all things will fall into place. Be happy and follow the adage that laughter is the best medicine and see what happens.

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