65 ways to live a better and happy life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

Most of the people lives a stressfull and unhappy life in todays world.Here are some ways you can live a happy and stress free life.Even adopting some of this ways in your life can change your life completly.
1)Everybody does mistakes,Accept your mistake.Forgive your friend if he did a mistake.
2)Learn how to Forgive
3)Get a job/buisness
4)Build discipline and be confindent
5)Take calculated risks
6)Wake up early
7)Exercise regularly
8)Love yourself,depression is harmful
9)Control your anger
10)learn to ignore
11)Set goals-It may be carrer goals,family goals or any other productive goals
12)Manage time and money
13)Make reading a hobby-Read everyday.
14)Make a peace with your old enemy-Nothing sooths your heart more then making peace with your enemys.
15)Always smile
16)Do mediatation/yoga-
17)Be social-Take part in family functions.
18)Be passionate about whatever you do.
19)Trust but dont overtrust
20)Dont regret
21)Make your own rules
22)Listen to everyone but decide on your own.
23)Love-can be anyone-parents,kids,partner.
24)Do a act of kindness-Like helping homeless.
25)Save nature.Plants trees,conserve water,save electricity.
26)Go on a vacation
27)Play games
28)Addiction is bad
29)Learn New language and skills
30)Avoid fighting
31)Dont lie
Ads by Google
32)Live today
33)Enjoy your life
34)Dont complain
35)Write a blog-Express your feelings and thoughts by blogging it.
36)Spend some time alone
37)Save for future
38)Never disrespect your parents
39)Eat health
40)Be positive-Negative thoughts leads to stress and depression.
41)Build self esteem
42)Keep a journal/diary
43)Try to be better,not perfect
44)Recycle-A great way to save environment and money.
45) Clean up your house and wardrobe
46)Dont make excuses.Accept your fault
47)Motivate yourself by reading motivational books or quotes
48)Take part in community work
49)Call your old friends-Build up relation with them
50)Dont be judgemental
51)Work hard
52) Don't be a follower,Make people follow u by your acts.
53)Adopt a pet if possible.
54)Dont argue
55)Hug a stranger:-A great way to let go your stress
56)Help others
57)Learn from your critics
58)Buy yourself something you always wanted.
59)Never expect anything from anyone.
60)Write a book
61)Listen to your fav music whenever you feel stressed out.
62)Take a nap after a long day of work.
63Be organized
64)Set High goals and ways to believe you can achieve them.
65)Make new friends.

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