6 Things You Need for the Law of Attraction to Work for You

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Are you interested in using the law of attraction? For it to be effective in your life, you need these six essential elements to be present:

1. Patience. The law of attraction is extremely effective and powerful, but it does not always work instantaneously. If you want it to yield actual results, you need to be diligent and patient to work towards your goal while also attracting your goal towards you using positive and powerful thoughts. In a way, you and your goal has to meet in the middle. In sum, you have to show a positive and patient attitude towards your desires.

2. The right desires. Sometimes, people use the law of attraction to try and attract things or desires that are not even in the realm of possibility. The law of attraction will only work if you have the right desires in mind.

3. An open mind. You should also have an open mind. The law of attraction says that a Higher Force in the universe will be the one to send your desires your way. This means, however, that this Higher Force has jurisdiction over the universe. Thus, sometimes, you need to accept that even when you don't receive the exact same things you wish for, you may often be provided with things that are actually better, more beneficial, or more appropriate for you.

4. A spiritual goal. If you expect the law of attraction to bring you complete fulfillment in life, make sure that you also have a spiritual goal. If you only use the law of attraction to help you attain all materialistic desires you can think of, at the end of the day, you will still not find complete fulfillment. It is only the conjunction of the law and your spiritual goal that will guarantee total life contentment.

5. Your own experience. The law of attraction requires a journey of discovery and learning. You have to learn and experience the power of the law in your own life. The common principles may be the same, but techniques that worked for others may not work for you since people have very unique desires and characteristics.

6. Subliminal products. One of the easiest ways to attain results based on the concept of the law of attraction is the use of subliminal products. These include subliminal videos, audio files and tapes, and so on. Self-help books may also help. The purpose of these products is to fill your head with positive thoughts and ideas, and to feed your mind and cultivate a positive environment within you.

People have somehow become programmed to take in negative feedback from the external world, and a lot of negative thoughts and beliefs have accumulated in our personalities due to our negative experiences. That's why most people find it hard to apply the law of attraction because they are easily distracted and destructed by negative thoughts, no matter how they try to stay positive. In order to build the habit of positive thinking, you need subliminal products to give you the reinforcement you need.


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