5 Wonderful Means to Build an Assertive Personality

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

There is practically no age for anybody to become assertive. If you need some good tips on how to be assertive, then this article will definitely help you.

Assertive personality is blessed with lots of perks. Your voice is attentively heard. You also develop an attractive personality. Most of the time you may get through you way.

Unfortunately but true, people are not born with the gift of assertiveness. Majority of people grow without any motivation, feeling insecure and withdrawn. However, to develop an assertive personality, you may want to read the following points which may give jump start to your personality.

1) Give a Try to New Things in Life.

It so happens, that at jerk of a moment, you may be tempted to take that giant leap. You may not give even a second thought. Nor should you feel any hesitation. You must just try to do new things which you'd never thought you would ever do.

You can go hiking, white water rafting, biking or even bungee jumping. This action will help you in gaining more confidence and will show, how much you can achieve once you make up you mind.

2) Go Ahead and Make New Friends.

You should develop your social side and make new friends. This will have positive effect and will surely help you boosting your assertive level.

Making friends doesn't mean walking up to strangers with open arms as this could sometimes become counterproductive. Give a try by meeting your friends of friends. Socializing with a new group and level will help you in assessing yourself on the assertiveness scale.

3) Learning Knows No Ages So Strive to Learn Something New

Though you may know many things already, still it is a good idea to learn some entirely new thing, which gives a boost to your self confidence to move towards your ambitions with vigor. You can learn a Spanish Guitar or learn a new language.

4) Improve Your Dress Sense.

This is one of the most powerful tips on being assertive. You must improve your dress sense and make efforts to look smarter. Wearing latest fashion will place you ahead in crowd and friend circle and may fuel your assertive bid!

5) Select And Follow A Role Model.

Having and then following a role model can do wonders for you and assist you in becoming assertive. As a fact, you are looking at someone who has been through the grinds of struggle while reaching the position where he is today. Seeing his success at this moment could nurture and take assertiveness in you to a new level.

These are a few helpful and friendly pieces of advice on developing assertive behavior. Your capacity to follow them depends on your level of preparedness to change yourself. You should always remember that bravery is not just the absence of fear in our lives, it's facing the vagaries of life head-on without giving two thoughts to fear.



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