5 Traits Of Successful People

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

Successful people are enviable, but they were not born as successes - they worked hard at being so.

It takes a lot of determination to go after your dreams and be triumphant in the end, but successful people are those who know the value of the journey, and the lessons along the way - more than the destination. They are aware that it's never easy, but they go on.

Success, per se, means different things for different people. To many, it means being able to examine yourself and be proud of what you'd become.

What are successful people made of? Is there a formula for success? Below are 5 traits common to successful people.

They have clearly defined goals. Successful people know what they want. They write it down, think of a plan to reach those goals, and align their actions and decisions towards it fulfilment. They don't just dream about accomplishing it - they take action and work hard until they get it. Successful people are not just dreamers; they are doers - which are probably the most important trait all successful
people have.

They take responsibility for all their actions and decisions. Successful people know that it's very easy to make mistakes, but what makes them a cut above the rest is that they own up to every mistake - not blaming others or making excuses. They know that every situation they are in is a result of their choices and decisions. To emulate a true success, recognize that you alone are the master of your destiny. Whatever success or failure you encounter is a product of your own actions; and every aspect of your life is your responsibility. Stop making excuses, quit the blame game and own up to everything - it takes guts to do it, but as they say, no guts, no glory.

They are persistent. Successful people do not give up without a fight - they take true determined action towards the accomplishment of their goals. They are not known to start on a task, and quit when things get tough. If all people gave up once they encounter problems, then there will be no successful people ever. Remember, true successes see obstacles as opportunities, and mistakes as lessons. Failure does not faze them - in fact, it motivates them to try harder or think of better ways to tackle the task at hand.

They are excellent at time management. Successful people do not necessarily do things hurriedly, but they do know how to make wise use of their time. Life isn't a contest on who does things faster, but rather, it's a test on who does more quality work with the time they are given. Remember, if it takes too long for a person to complete a task, he ends up accomplishing less than his full potential. Not only that - the longer you take to finish something, then the higher the possibility of your interest waning, and your determination decreasing. One of the most important strategies for using your time wisely is to drastically reduce the time you waste. Stop devoting your attention on things that don't matter, and start using your time for things that bring you closer to success.

They get up after a fall. Successful people are quite good at overcoming failure. They do not easily get discouraged when faced with defeat. They take risks, but fully recognize the possibility of failing that comes with taking risks. In order to be successful, never be afraid of criticism or taking hits on your self-confidence. In the journey towards success, there will always be those who will tell you that you can't. Don't let these people and circumstances rob you of your self-esteem - get up and prove them wrong! And even when things do not go exactly as you want, you have to realize that you always have a second chance to redeem yourself and finally achieve success. If you have clear weaknesses, simply realign your strategies to work around these weaknesses. Successful people make the most of what they're given and don't let minor (or sometimes even major) obstacles to make them lose their focus.

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