5 Steps To Improving Memory and Concentration

Dr. Purushothaman
October 10, 2013

Why you should Improve Concentration and Memory Together

First lets look at what concentration and memory are individually. Concentration is when you direct your mental power towards a specific task or activity.Memory is the ability to recall past experiences info and personal relationships. In reality improving your concentration and improving your memory go hand-in-hand together. To improve one without the other makes no sense at all. If you improve your memory on its own, your results will be far lower and improvement far slower, than if you worked on your concentration and memory together.

I would like to show you to five easy steps to improving your concentration and memory.

Step one:
Be stress free and relaxed. You'll find it far easier to concentrate and improve your memory in a relaxed state of mind. Try taking a couple deep breaths put on some relaxing music and forget about all your days tasks and worries. Only in a relaxed state of mind can we truly start to work on improving concentration and memory.

Step two:
Remember! To improve your concentration and memory you should be challenging yourself. Challenging yourself should also be fun. One of the keys to boosting brainpower is actually having fun. Science has now proven that laughter and fun activities enhance your learning ability greatly.

So put yourself in challenging situations. But keep in mind that improving your memory and concentration is supposed to be fun. So the next time you pick up a crossword puzzle and your starting to get frustrated, take a couple deep breaths and remember this is supposed to be fun. One of the best ways I find to improving my memory and concentration is to watch a comedy movie. Then after the movie I like to recall all the funniest moments. Sharing these moments with friends brings laughter to the table. It's easy fun and a great way to boost my memory and concentration skills.

Step three:
Learn a new language. Learning a new language stimulates different parts of the brain and has now been proven to actually grow new neural pathways and tissues. This growth and development of the brain is called neuronal plasticity. Learning a new language brings a whole field of new challenges to the table. We are taken out of our comfort zone and into a new line of communication. Amazingly as many people say to start a new language can be quite difficult. But as time goes on your improvement rate increases at a faster rate. The size of your brain expands and creates new memory folders for your new language and the bigger it gets the faster it learns.

Step four:
Engage in exercises and activities that use the tips of your fingers. One of the best ways to do this is to learn a musical instrument. By using the tips of your fingers your brain is sending signals from the brain to the ends of your fingers giving your brain a mental workout. Your coordination will improve, concentration will improve and therefore your memory will to. Learning a musical instrument can be very rewarding and to some a lucrative trade.

Step five:
Be social. In a social environment our brains work overtime. The best way to increase concentration and memory is to be engaged in conversation you're having. Too many times people find themselves in a social environment and just plain daydreaming. Be aware of the person you're talking to, engage with them, reply to the conversation. By just being aware and engaging in the conversation, you will improve your memory and concentration. You'll also have far stronger relationship with the people you converse with. Too many times people blame a bad memory on an actual lack of concentration.

So remember if you're trying to improve your memory it is vital that you work on your concentration techniques at the same time. The two go hand in hand like peas in a pod!

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