5 Positive Thinking Tips

Dr. Purushothaman
September 21, 2013

I know sometimes it is hard to be positive but if you put these 5 positive thinking tips into action you will go a long way to a more positive you.

There are always negative things that happen to people some time in their lives, we all get our ups and downs. But it is how you react in these situations that determines if you are going to let these things bring you down and affect you for the rest of your life. Or are you going to say “I can get over this” and get on with your life. The answer really is up to you. I know it is hard to be positive in these moments of self doubt, I have been there and in the end realised the only way to go forward was to think positive and not let life bring me down.

So how do you keep yourself feeling positive? Good question, here are five ways to make sure that you are always looking at the positive side of things and not the negative.

1. Surround yourself with positive people. I know this is difficult especially in your workplace. I used to work with a bunch of people who were so negative that they got me as bad as themselves. In the end I left as I could see they where always going to be the same and I didn't want to be in that environment any longer. So try to steer clear of these people that are negative in everything they say and do. Hang out with the positive ones, usually the ones with a smile on there face and always laughing. It rubs off on you I tell you.
2. Another thing I would recommend is to upload all your favourite positive songs on to an MP3 player and keep it close by. If you ever start to get negative thoughts put on the music, sing along even have a little dance(as long as no one is watching:). This will soon lift your spirits and put you in a positive state of mind.
3. You can begin to become a positive thinker by focusing on the solutions to any problems you encounter rather than let them beat you and get you thinking I can't do that. Remember you rule your emotions, don't let them rule you.
4. Look after your health, eat the right food get plenty of exercise and you will look and feel great. The better you think of yourself the more positive your outlook on life will be.
5. Form the habit of being positive at all times. Here is a quote I read about habits that I thought was great. “Bad habits are like a comfy bed, easy to get into but hard to get out of.” The same is true about good habits, so get into the habit of being positive, starting today.

Here is an extra tip, SMILE it has proven that smiling can lift your mood. If you encounter a problem smile and think of a solution to that problem. Soon you will find yourself being positive in every situation in life.


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