5 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Creative And Genius Potentials

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

Most of us have yearned to be more creative. Perhaps like many, after seeing a new invention or concept come out...You have said to yourself "I thought about making that same thing!" or you said, "I was wondering about that same thing!"

Most of us have also experienced those special moments when we have been battling a problem in our minds...and then we have one of those "ah, ha" thoughts where the right solution just seems to come from nowhere into our minds.

***The simple and wonderful truth is that we are all incredibly creative...and the power of genius lies in each one of us***

With all that said, it is very important to both ourselves and the rest of the world...that we truly learn how to tap into our innate creative and genius potentials. In truth, there is probably no other activity we could do that brings us closest to our true divine essence.

Due to the importance of developing our natural creative talents, and enhancing our genius potentials...lets examine some concepts on how to do just that. While there are numerous methods and techniques for developing creativity and natural genius, listed below are five important ways to enhance your creativity and genius potentials:

1. Truly come to realize your own incredible creative powers and potential for genius
2. Gain as much knowledge about as many subjects as possible
3. Learn how to develop new perspectives that come from an open mind
4. Learn how to truly use your imagination and the power of visualizations
5. Learn how to tap into your superconscious mind through meditation and quiet contemplation

***It all begins by accepting the fact we are all creative beings with our own genius potential***

First and foremost in our quest for more creativity and genius is to truly accept who we really are. We are all parts of the Ultimate Creator...designed to be co-creators of this world we are a part of.

Many may find the previous statement a bold one...but nevertheless, that is who we are. You can't change what you are. You may choose to ignore what and who you are, but it is still a part of you.

Many argue that the more incredible feats of creativity and genius are only afforded to a few select individuals of the past and present world we are a part of. I would argue that maybe these "natural geniuses" learned how to tap into powers that were always there.

Both Socrates and Plato, a couple of the world's greatest philosophers...believed that real truth and knowledge was already available to everyone...is all we needed to do was reclaim those truths for ourselves to gain wisdom.

While there is no denying that some individuals come into this world better attuned to their innate creative abilities, it is vital to realize that the rest of us "ordinary" individuals can indeed enhance our own innate creative talents and genius to levels matching and even exceeding those ascribed to those more fortunate "natural geniuses".

***Gaining as much knowledge as possible is a key component in our quest for developing more creativity and genius potential***

Creativity in a nutshell, is really about taking information from various disciplines and recombining that information into a new idea about something we wish to create or solve. With that said, it makes sense that we should try to gain as much knowledge as possible about a variety of subjects.

A simple study of some of history’s greatest geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci and Dr. Albert Einstein reveals that these individuals possessed vast knowledge on various subjects, and many of these subjects were not even part of their respective "specialties".

Along with developing their knowledge bases, renowned geniuses such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edision, and Leonardo da Vinci also learned to develop techniques that enhanced their innate intelligences and memories...that allowed them to focus on and comprehend a multitude of facts and sensory input.

***When we view the world with an open mind...we start to develop new perspectives that can greatly enhance our creativity and genius potentials***

Most of us have all heard the term "Learn to think outside the box." at one time or another. What this simple term means is that sometimes we need to think beyond what is considered "normal" in relation to whatever problem we are facing.

Learning to think outside the box is really about developing a more open mind...and realizing there are many ways to approach and solve a problem or design a new way to do something. When we go into something with an open mind...many times that frees us to develop new perspectives about an idea or concept we've been thinking about.

When we learn how to see unexpected relationships in things and make unfamiliar connections...we begin to unlock truly new ideas and concepts that could have profound effects on our ability to create something extraordinary.

With that said...it is also important to note that many of history's greatest geniuses believed that any new idea or design should be made as simple as possible. Einstein once said "Things should be made as simple as possible, not simpler."

***Use the immense power of imagination and visualization to jumpstart your creative efforts***

Along with increasing our knowledge base, intelligence and memory, and looking at the world with an open mind...learning how to utilize the power of our imagination and visualization skills is imperative in our quest for developing a more creative mind.

Having an imaginational spirit is vital for true creativity. Many adults lose the imagination skills they possessed so naturally as children. Learn to daydream again...and enhance those daydreams and imaginational thoughts through the power of visualization.

When we engage true visualization in our creative thoughts, the end results become much clearer. Learn to employ as many senses as possible when daydreaming or contemplating a solution to a problem or design.

***Engage and tap into the subconscious and superconscious minds...to acquire vast stores of valuable information that can be used to enhance genius potential and creative talents***

As stated earlier, all the wisdom and ultimate truths are already available to us...we just need to learn how to tap into this vast reservoir of valuable information. Because of the source of this immense amount of information available to us...it will usually require us to go beyond our conscious minds to acquire this knowledge.

Meditation and quiet contemplation are both excellent ways to quiet the mind and allow this "new" information to come forth into our conscious minds. When we quiet our minds, we can then tap into our own vast storehouse of knowledge (our subconscious minds)...or we can even tap into what has been called the "Universal Mind" (our superconscious minds)...to bring forth new thoughts and ideas to help solve a problem or create a new design.

Another excellent way to utilize our subconscious and superconscious minds is to use meditation, daydreaming, or quiet contemplation to interpret our dreams. One excellent example of using dream interpretation to help solve a complex problem comes from none other than the great Dr. Albert Einstein himself.

Once while daydreaming, Einstein found himself riding a sunbeam out into the universe...and found that his eternal travel actually brought him right back to where he had started from. From his dream, Einstein intuitively assumed that the universe must be "curved"...which became the basis for his now famous Theory of Relativity.

***You really are incredibly creative...with vast genius potential***

By now you may be starting to see your own creative talents...and the fact that we all have genius potential in some (or maybe many) disciplines. Hopefully you are beginning to realize your true divine essence, and that through some simple methods, techniques, and ways of thought...you too can develop your full creative and genius potential.

While we have touched a little bit on how to enhance your creativity and genius...there is still a vast amount of information and techniques available for further development in these areas.

With that said...I encourage you to go out and start creating. I think you will be amazed at what you can accomplish and bring forth!

By: James Noyes

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