30 Self Help Tips

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Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Self Improvement or Self Growth is the most important thing in our life. Our every act and thinking is to achieve the goal in life. Knowingly or unknowingly we are trying to improve ourselves by our own effort. But today we are lucky to have a number of Self Improvement Tips which will enhance our journey in life. Here we are trying to provide some of the best and most effective Self Improvement Tips that one can find.
1. Understand your Inner Voice
The thoughts and intutions that come to our mind is very important in finding our goal. So we have to importance to our inner voice in our life.
2. Try to become your own Master
We should always become a master of our own life. We have to select the best thing that we want in our life. We can get advice from many sources , but we must choose the best thing that we want.
3. Try to be more Independent
It is always better to be more independent in our daily life. Many a time we have to depend on our family members friends and relatives. But it is wise to be independent in our life as far as possible.
4. Always use Creative Problem Solving
Life is full of experiences and nobody can escape the problems and challenges that we face. For every problem there will be a solution . Don't get puzzled about the what and why of a problem. We should always focus on the end result. If we are focusing on the end result we will get a definite solution for the same. Actually, creative problem solving is a real skill that we can practise in life.
5. Organize your Goals and Pursue
We should always ask ourselves what are our goals and aims and what is the priority of each goal. Without a definite pattern, it is very difficult to do things in perfect order. For absolute success also we should prioritize our goals in a systematic way. We should give importance to the most important goal first. Before taking such a decision we have to think about it in detail. In a confusing situation you can listen your inner feelings also. Most of time your inner feelings are more important. So make it a habit to set your goals and you should never give it up until you succeed.
6. Ignore movements of adversity
We all know that life is full of problems miseries, sufferings and obstacles. When we are moving in life, setbacks come one by one and we will be disappointed. But let us learn that miseries are for heavenly blessings. Amid all adversities we should pursue with positive intention. So that we will come out with flying colours.
7. Always learn to live a relaxed life
The greatest misery of human life is stress and strain which produces a lot of health and social issues. If you are in stress, you cannot do anything perfectly. Long stress will ruin our life. Each everybody can learn how to lead a stress free life in this stressful world. Really, we should know how to relax, so that we can perform better in our daily activities. We should make it a habit to find time to relax daily morning and evening, so that we will be refresh always.

8. Understand that you are your own destiny creator
We have a feeling that we are the victims of so called destiny. We can see that most of us simply blaming our destiny and they are not at all creative in life. The fact is that our thoughts create our reality and we are our own destiny creators. We should understand that our thoughts are the blueprint for success or failure. So if you can change your thought you can change your life. The way of our thinking is more important in our life. So let us change our thoughts and thus let us change our life and change our destiny.
9. Always learn new learning skills
Let us understand that learning is a continuous process in our life. Every moment, every incident and every occasion in our life gives us new insights and knowledge, and we have to learn new things. Don't think that we are always perfect. Even a little child can teach you a new lesson. If we look around, we can see newer and newer things from which we can learn new things. To the more successful life we have to adapt and open attitude to accept, approve and learn new knowledge and skill to become a successful person.
10. Utilize your time effectively
Most of the time most of us are not utilizing our time usefully. We spend the majority of our time by simple talking, gossiping and the like. There is an old saying "Our life is what we make it". Do you know that time is always moving. A second or minute which had gone cannot be taken back. Understanding the value of time and how to utilize it most effectively is of paramount importance for leading a successful life.
11. Understand about yourself
Really understanding oneself very clearly and deeply is the purpose of our life. Our life is a journey of various experiences. Out of these experiences, we can learn a lot of lessons which will change our life. Understanding oneself is really an art and science. For that we should become an observer in life. We have to watch our every thought, action and reaction. We have to see how we talk, how we behave, how we interact, how we do things and the like many facts, so that there will be a spontaneous change in our life. Actually understanding oneself is the way to realization.
12. Learn and study from your experiences
Every experience in life is very important, because out of experience spontaneously there will be a great change in your life. We know that in our daily life we are exposed to a lot of challenges and confusions. All the situations actually activate our thinking and we start learning new things. Actually, our own experience is a great master.
13. Don't allow others to interfere.
We all know that interference from many persons occur in our decision making. When we start a new venture or a new beginning, our relatives, friends and others interfere and make many criticisms, mostly negative. Many a time we are really confused how to proceed. It is better that you can listen to the opinion of others, but it is wise to take a decision from our own intuition which will be more appropriate.

14. Always be compassionate and considerate
We should have some compassion and consideration to our fellow beings. We should consider others problems and difficulties and should try to support and help them as far as we can. Understand that everyone is God's creation.
15. Always lead a healthy living style
Health is the most important thing in one's life. Without proper health we cannot live in this world. Really health is wealth. Only in a healthy body a healthy mind can live. Body and mind are of the same systems. Our body is a precious vehicle in which our mind is dwelling. Leading a healthy lifestyle should be our prime importance. We should adopt healthy eating and healthy way of keeping our body fit, so that we can lead a long life. We should always have regular medical check ups and considerations, so that we can detect any problems in our body very earlier and that can be correct.

16. Don't be worried about negative things
Every day our Mind (Brain) creates more than 70,000 thoughts, it is calculated. About 90% of these thoughts are really negative. It is interesting to note that people with whom we interact also contributes to negative thoughts. Actually negativity is taking an upper hand in our life. Here we should be very intelligent and should be conscious to discard the negative things and we should pursue on positive thoughts for a better life.
17. Always have a leg go attitude
As time passes on, we will come to know that we cannot change many of the outside situations and problems occur in our day to day life. Majority of them are beyond our control - better don’t worry about it. Let us have a let go attitude for Peace in Life.
18. Better to have a daily routine
Most of us are not punctual in life. If we look into the life of successful people we learn one thing that they are very systematic and very orderly and they keep a regular routine. We are having the habit of postponing even simple things - tomorrow, day after tomorrow, next week, next month & continue like that. Procrastination is a bad habit that each and everybody is having. To be successful in life we should maintain a perfect daily schedule. The habit of writing a daily Journal 'what to do list' and proceeding accordingly is found to be very useful.
19. Use your imaginative skills
All of us should use our Imaginative skill to be more creative in life. We should spend at least 15 minutes for Imagination & Visualization about our Goals & Aims.
20. Make meditation a part of your life
Meditation is the most wonderful thing that one can do with one's life. From the beginning of time all Religions and Spirituality focused on the importance of various Meditative Practices. Meditation will make us a perfect & successful person. We should practice any one type of meditation daily in the morning and evening for at least 10 minutes. It is better to understand that the time we are spending for Meditation is really rewarding.
21. Focus on the purpose of your life
Everybody should have a definite purpose and aim in life. Most of the time, we may not able to choose and find the actual purpose and aim of our present life. If we actually search, it is definite that we will know it. We should have an deep desire for achieving the same. The moment we have found out the real aim of our life - a clear cut Vision - we should focus on that till we achieve that.
22. Always accept creative criticism
One should have an open mind so that one will accept all the positive criticism from others. If we examine all successful persons we can know that they always accept & approve all positive criticisms with an Open Heart. Actually, these creative criticisms are actually very good feedback to us. So, it is better to listen to what others say.
23. Always mind your gut feelings
Even though we are more concerned by what our conscious mind says, it is actually our subconscious mind which is the most important thing. In every situation we can feel an inner feeling that is otherwise known as our gut feeling, which is coming from the inner part of our mind. We should listen to our inner feelings.
24. Don't spend time on unnecessary thinking
In our mind every day, every time thousands of unneeded & negative thoughts are coming. In this situation we should use our consciousness and we should have a mindful living by avoiding unnecessary thinking - Think always positively.
25. Always maintain a personal daily journal
The habit of writing a daily Mind Journal is very relaxing and useful & will lead us to achieve our Aims & Dreams in the most effective way. It will also stimulate our Mind & Brain.
26. Do always what you like and enjoy
We should be happy to do things that make us always happy and relax. Better don’t think about the benefits, always focus on what you are doing now with full satisfaction.
27. Take steps to avoid Procrastination
Procrastination is a hazard in our life. We always find some excuse to postpone things even if they are very important in our Personal & Professional Life. Procrastination makes us lazy persons. One should always avoid the habit of regular Procrastination. Active Steps & Plans should be taken to be free from Procrastination.
28. Be thankful to the creator
We should always have an attitude of gratitude to the Supreme Creator. We should start our daily routine after a Gratitude Prayer. It is worth remembering that each and everything that we are experiencing & enjoying is a Gift of God.
29. Don't be rigid in life
Flexibility is the Landmark of all successful Persons. We should also be flexible in all areas in life to become more successful in whatever things we do.

30. Try to attain new knowledge
Always have a Mental Attitude to study, listen, search, discuss, read, understand new knowledge & skills everyday. The new knowledge that we get will make us more successful in our future life.

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