3 Simple Keys to Accelerate the Law of Attraction

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

"The Secret" movie awaken the world to one of the most powerful universal law - The Law Of Attraction.

Many people after watching the movie, practiced the teachings but still do not attract and experience the results they desire.


Joe Vitale, one of the teachers in "The Secret" movie said, "The movie (The Secret) is all about one idea. It doesn't pretend to tell you the secrets of the universe."

So what are the missing information that you need in order to activate and accelerate the law of Attraction.

I have discovered through my research on the Law of Attraction the missing link that when put into practice will accelerate your attraction power.

The law of attraction like the law of gravity is working every moment for everyone whether you know about it or not.

The first key to apply the Law of Attraction is...

Key #1 - Accept 100% Responsibility.

What this means is that whatever results you are experiencing in you life, accept 100% responsibility for attracting them into your life.

If you blame external factors for the negative results in your life today, it means that, in order for your results to change, the external factors must first change.

Isn't it easier to change something you have total control over, yourself, than to change something you have zero control over, external factors?

Here's a mantra to live by from this moment on.. For Things To Change, First I MUST Change.

Accept 100% Responsibility for attracting the positive results into your life.

Key #2 - Aspire with Clarity

Imagine you are the Captain of a spaceship.

Your spaceship has the power to go to anywhere in the Universe you desire within minutes.

What do you still need?

Will you just blast off into space without knowing your destination?

To attract your desires, you need to have a very clear vision of your goals, intentions and desires.

Without clear goals and intentions, even a powerful spaceship will not arrive at its destination.

So, What do you WANT?

Key #3 - Awareness of Unconscious Blocks to Your Success

Do you want to know the real reason why you are not attracting the results you desire?

To illustrate this, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Write down a goal you want to achieve
Step 2: Write down the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals.
Step 3: Write down your thoughts, doubts, and emotions about achieving your goals.

The real reasons why you don't achieve your goals are the answers you have written for Step 3.

These are your Unconscious Blocks or Counter Intentions that stop you from attracting the results you desire.

So, be aware and clear any unconscious blocks that are in conflict with your conscious desires.

These 3 simple keys will help you accelerate the Law of Attraction in your life.

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