3 Keys to the Mind Body Spirit Business and Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


If will power were the way to change your life, it would be easy. Unfortunately, will power isn't enough. If you want to change your life, then you need a plan, and it requires you to start with your belief. To try and separate the mind, body and spirit in order to enact change in your life won't work.
Making change is based on universal human truth and laws of the universe. These laws work the same way every time for every person as long as you implement them.
The three keys you need to address to enact true and lasting change are the mind, body and spirit. When you change these areas, then it will affect the three major areas of your life: health, wealth and relationships.
1. The Mind
What you believe is absolutely crucial to your success. A faulty belief system keeps you from reaching your goals and achieving your goals because you don't believe you can. When these beliefs are rooted in your subconscious mind, they are difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of. You must change what you think, the way you think and what you believe in order to influence the mind.
2. The Body
If your body is out of shape, overweight or sick, then it's difficult to make change because you simply don't have the energy. According to Dr. Alex Loyd in "The Healing Codes," and he backs this up with scientific studies, memories are not stored in the mind. They are stored in the cells. The body must work in tangent with the mind and spirit, and in order to do that, your body must be healthy and have the energy necessary to do the work you need to do to reach your goals. Eliminating the negative memories stored in your cells frees up energy to give you more energy to accomplish your tasks each day.
3. The Spirit
Call it soul, spirit or consciousness, this is the part of you that contains personality, perceptions, feelings and thoughts beyond the logical mind. Some see this part of you as eternal. Regardless of your belief about this part of you, it is the part that makes you who you are as an individual. It is the part of you that perceives the world, and if you don't nourish and grow it, it is impossible to change.
The three most important areas of your life are health, wealth and relationships. With good health, you have the energy to accomplish your goals. Wealth, including money, gives you the resources you need to accomplish your goals. Good relationships make your life happy and meaningful. Your focus when changing the three keys is these three areas.
To get started the system is simple, and it occurs in three parts: 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of reading and 20 minutes of meditation. Exercise improves your body, reading inspirational material changes your mind and meditation improves your spirit by helping you focus, learn to relax and reach those internal beliefs you don't consciously recognize.
By using this system consistently and applying repetition, it allows you to change your belief system, improve your body, reduce stress and focus on your goals. Once you feel better, then you have the energy and mindset necessary to set a goal in the areas of health, wealth and relationships to improve your life and achieve what you want to achieve.

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