20 Things to know how to be Rich Person

Dr. Purushothaman
September 6, 2013

What separates a rich person from regular folks? It all boils down to money. Sure, a rich person dies and gets hurt the same way as you and I, but you must admit, he or she lives differently. We may not like to admit it, for fear of being branded materialistic, but money creates a different lifestyle as well as begets more opportunities for the people who have them.

Steven Siebold in “How Rich People Think,” gives a fitting description of the rich. Taking cue from Siebold’s insights, here are the
20 things to know how to be rich person does that make them stand apart from the average person.
# A rich person adores money.

Rich people are not ashamed to seek money because they know that how to be rich person and money means having a comfortable life.
# A rich person acts and not just dreams.

Rich people do not spend on lottery, but in thinking up of ways to have money.
# A rich person pampers himself.

Rich people enjoy the good life because they work had for it.

# A rich person learns specific knowledge. Unlike other people looking for formal education, rich people see to gain knowledge on specific things.

# A rich person looks at the future. Rich people believe that their best days are yet to come so they focus their energy on building their future.

# A rich person looks at money logically. Some people see money as a maker of opportunities and not something to be feared when they run out of it.

# A rich person follows his passion. Rich people look for the jobs that they enjoy doing and they are cunning enough to get paid doing it.

# A rich person welcomes challenges. Rich people have big expectations and not afraid of disappointments.

# A rich person capitalizes on other people’s money. Rich people do not look at their pockets when they invest, but are bold enough to capitalize on the money of other people so that they could earn more.

# A rich person understands that the market is fuelled by fear and greed. Rich people understand human nature and bank on the fear and greed of other people in determining where to invest.

# A rich person lives below his means. Rich people can definitely afford their lavish lifestyle.

# A rich person teachers his kids to be rich. Rich people train their kids on the benefits of being rich early on.

# A rich person finds peace in money. Rich people do not stress about money but find peace and freedom in it.

# A rich person seeks education rather than entertainment. Rich people are always on the lookout to learn something new.

# A rich person longs the company of the rich. Rich people like to be with equally rich people because they share the same goals and aspirations.

# A rich person focuses on earning, not saving. Rich people put all their energy into earning more and more and more.

# A rich person takes risks. Rich people are not afraid to take risks because they believe that they could always recoup their losses.

# A rich person is not daunted by uncertainty. Rich people are comfortable living a life of uncertainty.

# A rich person knows that money and health can go together.Rich people know that being healthy requires money.

# A rich person knows that he can his cake and eat it too. Rich people know that they can have a good family life while amassing a huge fortune.
In truth, not everybody believes in the power of money. If you can afford living in caves or under tree logs in the great outdoors, perhaps you are one of the chosen few who can successfully find an alternative lifestyle that is not tainted in consumerism and materialism. For now, it is safe to say that everybody needs money, one way or another. If you need money, why not have heaps of it if you can?

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