20 Health Foods Which can be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss and Wellbeing Goals


Dr. Purushothaman
January 21, 2014


How can you expect to manage health and excess weight, when you've never been taught how to? It's not you!
It's a broken approach.There is a reason our society is getting sicker...today you see more illness, obesity, allergies, digestive disorders, cancer, diabetes, immune & thyroid disruptions, neurological conditions, etc. You may fail to understand how nutrient imbalances deeply effect your health, because you THINK you're already "eating healthy", but you're not choosing foods that provide life, energy & wellbeing to the body because you've never been taught how to.So, you're actually creating & struggling needlessly with poor excess weight, health issues & food cravings by "eating healthy"!...*Read on for our "health foods" to avoid in order to control well being & fat.BOMBSHELL...The following "health foods" are NOT healthy for managing your body bodyweight, energy or illness!The following are NOT "healthy foods", nor will they support a healthy body fat, a strong immune system to avoid illness & disease, or balanced energy & mood for your busy life! If you're consuming these masquerading "health" meals, their ingredients may be keeping your body in a state of hormonal & nutrient imbalance which generates a physical food addiction with uncontrollable food cravings, while disrupting your bodies natural ability to stay thin & healthy! Take a look at these meals posing as "health foods" which can be DEFEATING your well being....* Smart Balance butter
* Eggbeaters
* Splenda (Yes, Splenda!) & other artificial sweeteners
* Breads & cereals that claim to be "Whole Grain"
* Soy milk, soy cheese & other soy-based products like Tofu
* Morning star Veggie Burgers & similar meatless products
* Low-fat or Non-Fat Packaged or Cured Lunch Meats
* Healthy Balance soups
* Fruit juices
* Weight Watchers, Nutri-system, or other "healthy brand" meals
* Whole wheat pastas
* Bran muffins & whole wheat bagels
* Fat-Free Non-Dairy Creamers
* Canola or Vegetable oils
* Anything that says "Enriched" or "Fortified"
* Low-fat or Fat-free milks & cheeses
* Low-fat or Fat-free packaged snack meals
* Diet sodas
* Powerade, Gatorade or Vitamin Water
* Elimination of red meat
* Low-fat or frozen yogurts
* Daily over-consumption of fruit - YES fruit!
* Frozen dinners posing as "healthy" or "natural"So you've thought you were doing the proper things to be healthy & avoid weight gain, but your out-dated health & nutrition approach is wreaking havoc on your wellness! Efficient & effective nutrition approach frees you of physical food addictions, balances hormone disruptions, and allows your body to return to great health & a natural excess weight with ease & abundance, vs. harmful diets & starvation!You are evolving, food production is evolving, your lifestyle & demands are evolving,... so why isn't your approach to nutrition & wellness evolving? You need a nutrition & wellness mindset shift!NEWSFLASH: You will NEVER manage your fat & wellbeing successfully, or avoid disease in your lifetime, without a mindset shift to nutrition.If you want to be in control of your health, you need to empower yourself with accurate, individualized wellness & nutrition knowledge. The most common mistake is OVER-estimating the use of exercise & UNDER-estimating the use of nutrition. If you're approaching nutrition accurately to get your body in healthful balance, there is no need to waste endless hours exercising to battle you're wellness. With a targeted nutrition foundation, you'll become healthier internally, thinner naturally, & you'll lose the need to OVER exercise, because movement is simply a COMPLIMENT to a solid, nutrition program - not a weapon against it. And who couldn't use more hours in their day?!Our societies disease-care system is slowly realizing we need a PROACTIVE vs. REACTIVE wellness approach vs. waiting til sickness emerges before we pay attention! The pills & plethora of medical procedures are failing bandaids to the MUCH larger problem: you still lack knowledge on how to CREATE HEALTHFUL BALANCE in your wellbeing & body to avoid obesity & illness in the first place.You DON'T have to accept a life of obesity, illness, pills, poor energy & depression. You CAN control your wellbeing & CREATE the life you desire!!You CAN learn preventative well being tools for today's world to be prepared & protect your families short & long-term wellness. Begin to gain the knowledge to start breaking through blocks that have been secretly sabotaging your health & excess weight until today by learning how to develop a REVITALIZING nutrition approach:* Gain great energy
* Improve mental clarity & focus
* Optimize bodyweight & body composition naturally
* Possess a joyful mood
* Amp confidence & zest for life
* Enjoy beautiful skin
* Boast ZERO wellness imbalances or illness
* Eliminate need for pills or medication BANDAIDS Life doesn't have to be about obesity, poor energy, mood & hormonal imbalance, illness & pills; you have THE POWER & CHOICE to create the well being & life you want. Start with eliminating the foods mentioned above & begin to open your mind to the value of whole foods nutrition for optimal well being & healing.
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